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SAP Warehouse Insights

Transparent, optimized warehouse processes with SAP WI

Warehouse Insights is a cloud-based SAP planning tool for the analysis, visualization, and optimization of warehouse operation in real time. Using algorithms, WI can depict the warehouse layout, calculate the relevant KPIs, simulate optimization scenarios, and monitor warehouse flows. This provides detailed insights into warehouse activities and exceptions become obvious immediately. This, in turn, provides the opportunity to intervene actively in the control of warehouse activities and therefore to optimize warehouse operation in real time. SAP WI is an add-on to SAP Extended Warehouse Management. Based on the easy integration and wide industry use, warehouse costs can be reduced and efficiency increased.

Image of a labelled cloud, overview SAP Warehouse Insights, planning tool for analysis, visualisation and optimisation of warehouse operations

Our comprehensive solutions


Transparency is a central key for guaranteeing optimal warehouse operation. With its visual, interactive layout, SAP WI provides a better view of the entire warehouse and its processes. All relevant warehouse structures and processes can be depicted in detail, for example, using a heat map.


SAP WI offers a central, extensive KPI dashboard for depicting resource utilization, workload distribution, and empty running of warehouse resources. A detailed analysis of individual KPIs is also possible with the drill-down function. Together with the visualization instruments, these form a powerful set of analytical tools.


In order to level out the inefficiencies identified through visualization and analysis, it is possible to intervene actively in warehouse operation with SAP WI. Based on current open warehouse orders, you can optimize with regard to a wide variety of criteria in real time. Thus, for example, you can reduce empty runs and increase resource utilization. Planning of future warehouse activities based on historic transaction data is also possible.

Benefits of SAP Warehouse Insights

  • Improved resource utilization
  • Better delivery quality thanks to on-time conclusion of warehouse activities
  • Increased transparency with regard to all warehouse operations
  • Multitude of visualization and analysis possibilities
  • Optimization possibilities in real time
  • Very user-friendly thanks to intuitive operation

Our offerings in the SAP
Warehouse Insights sector

SAP WI is the add-on for SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) for providing detailed insight into warehouse operations. With various visualization, analysis, and optimization functionalities, it contributes to a further efficiency increase in the warehouse.

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