Networked and collaborative logistics with the SAP Logistics Business Network

SAP Logistics Business Network (LBN)

Logistics companies are striving for a continuously transparent, flexible, and efficient supply chain that enables people to make decisions about logistics planning and execution dynamically and in real time. For secure growth in a volatile world requires more intensive, simplified cooperation.

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Collaboration across company borders

Keep the supply chain simple and clear with SAP LBN

As a component of the SAP Supply Chain Network (SCN) platform, the SAP Logistics Business Network provides a cloud-based company network for logistics. With SAP LBN, companies can connect easily and very efficiently, call for tenders on orders, check invoices or work together on previously defined milestones and freight tenders. Additional functions such as the reservation of delivery gates at the warehouse are also possible. The advantage: Companies and business partners exchange logistics data along the entire value creation chain simply and efficiently on the platform, which saves them time and money.
This is possible thanks to the integration into the SAP Cloud platform and interplay with other modules, for example SAP Transportation Management (TM).

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Freight Collaboration

SAP LBN enables collaboration with all logistics partners relevant to the necessary business processes. Transactions can be managed jointly, documents and insights into the process steps in question shared. This connection is flexible depending on the partner requirements and integrated natively into the underlying systems.

Global Track and Trace

A central requirement of the supply chain is transparency in real time and across all processes. Cloud-based tracking information can be recorded, processed, and saved with SAP LBN. For a better overview, it is possible to create rules that then trigger further automated actions. In addition, users can display relevant information in an app.

Material Traceability

Based on the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Service (SCP), materials and products can be traced back across the entire production process . Companies thus have an excellent tool for fulfilling legal requirements and initiating root cause analyses.

Benefits of the SAP Logistics Business Network (LBN)

Formerly isolated processes can become joint processes based on digitalized communication standards. The result is cost optimizations with regard to integration, collaboration, and information exchange.

Thanks to real-time information and the easy scalability of SAP LBN, decisions can be made faster and better, which leads to long-term increases in efficiency and cost savings.

With simple onboarding and harmonized information (with SAP as neutral instance), deeper cooperation is possible.

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Solutions for freight collaboration

SAP LBN enables easy, transparent cooperation between logistics service providers and your company.

This increases efficiency, optimization, and customer satisfaction along the entire supply chain.

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