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Customer loyalty with valantic

Customer Loyalty, akin to feedback, thrives on reciprocity – a continuous exchange of value. In the digital era, with abundant choices and expanding e-commerce, this principle gains relevance, emphasizing the importance of meaningful interactions in a saturated market.

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An element with multiple dimensions

Customer loyalty -
acquiring and retaining customers

Holistically approached and integrated as part of the customer experience strategy and the “digital now”, loyalty programs not only offer businesses the opportunity to retain customers in the long term. They also allow for the black box of customer interaction in brick-and-mortar retail to finally be broken down and enable a true 360° view of the customer. We’ll show you how!

Customer Loyalty Loop with valantic CX

The increasing shift from brick-and-mortar to e- & social commerce means that an overly one-sided view of sales markets based on old schemata can be dangerous. Unique selling propositions in products and services need to be created via the brand and via the customer experience.

Simply expecting customers to ensure the survival of a company through continued demand has never made sense. And with the new digital possibilities available, it is simply no longer appropriate.

Digital element with offline impact

Customer loyalty using offline data online

The best thing about customer loyalty is that even purchases in brick-and-mortar retail that cannot be directly tracked digitally now become part of the data treasure trove. An evaluation of loyalty programs should therefore be part of any CX strategy. Moreover, loyalty programs contribute to business success in two ways. Both customer retention and customer acquisition can and should be objectives.

... and the spectrum is broad!

  • Earn & burn programs
  • Loyalty tiers (level programs)
  • Playful programs (gamification)
  • Loyalty communities
  • Partner programs
  • Referral programs
  • as well as hybrid programs and others

Loyalty programs can be extremely diverse, so given the potential benefits to both parties in the business, there’s really no excuse: Give your customers the gift of a loyalty program!

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