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Peter Holmgren
August 5, 2021
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Fixed Income, Electronic Trading

The solutions to our problems are rooted in our past.

In many discussions I have with industry colleagues, a common theme that comes up is how traditionally siloed technology stacks are becoming a serious impediment to real innovation. Today businesses need to operate across these silos to meet client demand for more sophisticated, cross-asset trading solutions.

The practical reality is that a user’s job is made significantly harder, as they need to operate across multiple systems that don’t talk to each other, making it very difficult to scale individual business units and desks. But most importantly, it holds back many industry participants from innovating and addressing the requirements for new electronic workflows.

By stitching together desktop applications, desktop-interop solutions address a part of the problem by decluttering the desktop and orchestrating workflows which are an important element. However, my view is that server interoperability is even more important but seems to be less talked about.

Server-interop solutions provide an opportunity to solve a fundamental underlying issue, that silos have led to critical data being trapped in the enterprise. Server-interop lets you centralize and reconnect all your critical data and data services in a ubiquitous data cache or data mesh. Not only does this significantly reduce the effort needed to build applications that operate across silos’, but it also delivers a fundamental architectural building block required to pivot to a data-driven business model.

I think that over time, automation of core front to back workflows and agile innovation around data will become vital to be competitive in an ever-changing electronic world.

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