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Migration of HCL Notes Mail-Infrastructure

Is there no place for HCL Notes – former Lotus Notes / IBM Notes – in your corporate strategy anymore? Are you trying to replace the HCL Notes application environment that has grown up and been perfected over the years? Would you like to update your infrastructure and migrate it to future-proof target systems? We can assist you with all aspects of this task, from design to implementation.

Strategic advising and routine migration of your HCL Notes infrastructure

Strategic advising on HCL Notes

Detect risks and calculate effort reliably

The turning away from Lotus Notes is a much-discussed topic. Decisions in this context are sometimes politically motivated and are made emotionally. In some mindless discussions, facts would be helpful.

We will provide you with these facts.

Case study Volksbank Mittelhessen

How to convert old fashioned Notes applications to modern web applications with a high “joy of use” factor…

Migration of HCL Notes mail infrastructures and legacy applications

Routine migration of your HCL Notes infrastructure with frameworks and best practices

With valantic’s project support, you can secure future-oriented company development by migrating your HCL Notes mail infrastructures. Reduce your administrative costs by increasing the level of automation and reducing the consumption of hardware resources.

Mail migration: HCL Notes to Microsoft Exchange

Would you like to migrate your mail infrastructure? This task is actually quite clear. Nevertheless, there are factors that can make even a simple migration into a complex endeavor. So that the migration proceeds smoothly and cleanly, conscientious and careful planning is required.

Migration from HCL Notes applications

Our approach to the migration of your legacy applications is based on best practices and frameworks that we have derived from previous projects. This results in much shorter project terms for the development of individual solutions with the same high quality.

This is how your new application portfolio can be slim and agile. The applications are easier to manage, run more cost-effectively, and are prepared for the future.

Case Study CLAAS

New infrastructure and gentle migration in ongoing operation

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