Blogpost-picture of Stefanie Meyer inclueding 3 photos in the front. On the first you see a valantic cup, on the second you can see Stefanie Meyer (laughing) and on the third you see Zurich. In the Background you can see a picture of Switzerland´s mountains. rtisch steht, auf dem zweiten ist eine Luftaufnahme von Zürich und auf dem dritten ist Stefanie Meyer in einem Ruderboot zusehen.
Planning & Analytics Consultant: The Ideal Combination of IT, Financial Business, and Service

Our colleague Stefanie Meyer from Zurich reports on how it is possible to change to an IT career in the valantic family and how optimal training will quickly familiarize you with tools and processes.

Picture of Svenja Carstensen and her daughter
It’s not possible to reconcile family & career in IT? Nonsense!

Our Sales & Marketing Operation Manager, Svenja Carstensen, explains how she has found a balance between family and career at valantic. Do you think that won’t work? Nonsense! How was your start at valantic and how did valantic 2.0 come about? My start at valantic in Zurich, let’s call it valantic 1.0, was unexpected, easy, […]