Holistic thinking

Customer service with SAP

SAP and valantic share not only a profound understanding of technology and extensive industry expertise but also a strong service mindset, a vital aspect of the customer experience. SAP provides diverse options to address specific service processes within companies.

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What does SAP offer in the area of (customer) service?

The focus: optimal customer service

SAP Service Cloud, SAP Field Service Management and SAP S/4HANA Service: They all sound good, but before we jointly select the optimal solution for your company, the initial situation should be assessed. What is the customer contact like currently? Can your customers provide direct feedback and enter into dialog with your employees?

Here are a few tips on how to improve customer service in your company:

  1. Know your customers!
  2. Think beyond departmental boundaries!
  3. Offer customized and flexible services!
  4. Listen to what your customers have to say!
  5. Support your employees with the right tools!

In addition to strategic considerations, valantic also supports you in the technical implementation. How can services be optimized? To answer this question, the integration possibilities of the SAP solution into the existing system landscape and into existing processes play a crucial role.

What companies & customers will get out of it Benefits & advantages of customer service with SAP

Tailored service offerings are a must these days, no question about that. But why opt for holistic customer service with SAP and valantic? How do you as a company but also your end customers benefit from it? Let’s find out together!

Benefits for companies

What are the advantages of putting your trust in the SAP Gold Partner valantic in the area of services? We have summarized the most important benefits for you:

  • happy and loyal customers thanks to precise and individual contact with the company
  • transparency across all levels thanks to bundled real-time information
  • aligned end-to-end business processes, across departments
  • easy data management through deep integration with SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP (enterprise resource planning)
  • simplified work processes, leading to more efficiency and lower costs
  • omnichannel: Customers can be reached via diverse channels directly from the cloud.
  • gamification: great motivation for employees, resulting in an excellent user experience
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Benefits for end customers

At the end of the day, it’s all about satisfying customer needs – and SAP’s service solutions make a significant contribution to that. The constant availability of technicians ensures optimum support regardless of location and time. In addition, your end customers benefit from self-service options available at any time as well as 24/7 customer support via digital tools.

The result: fast and open communication – just as customers want and need it.

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Thinking about giving SAP and valantic a try? High time to take a closer look at the individual solutions.

Customer requests & service tickets SAP Service Cloud

What was once called SAP Hybris Service Cloud and then Cloud for Customer is now known as SAP Service Cloud. Behind the term is the central platform for customer requests and service tickets among the SAP Customer Experience Solutions.

The most important functionalities at a glance

  • omnichannel support: record and manage customer service requests across channels, incorporate customer feedback
  • low-touch and high-touch customer service: from self-service to recurring maintenance to responding to unplanned, sudden disruptions
  • integrated internal and external processes: close linking of service, marketing and sales – from lead generation to quote and order generation to troubleshooting
  • intelligent ticket management: partially automated ticket creation (e.g. warranties, maintenance, etc.), recommendations and proposed solutions for tickets
  • service contracts: transparent management of all contracts, which allows for the verification of warranty cases, response times, etc. End customers benefit from service level agreements, warranty extensions, individual maintenance planning and spare parts management.
  • installed basis and equipment: product registration, machine files and more
  • versatile options: chatbots, AI, knowledge bases and communities
  • measurability: reporting via customized dashboards with relevant KPIs
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Advantages of the SAP Service Cloud

  • consistent service experience across all communication channels
  • constant availability (24/7) for customers and employees
  • reduced costs through centralized and cross-departmental information sources: Routine tasks can be automated. This reduces processing time.
  • customer loyalty through fast resolution of customer problems
  • integration with SAP Field Service Management
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Resource planning & scheduling SAP Field Service Management

SAP Field Service Management (FSM for short, formerly coresystems) makes field service management much easier. Whether it’s for deployment planning or scheduling: FSM is the ideal service solution for mobile field service.

The most important functionalities at a glance

  • intuitive dispatching thanks to a planning board: simple use via drag & drop
  • manual, semi-automated or fully tool-supported scheduling: Service staff can be selected according to skills, availability and location to meet customer requirements and to optimally respond to requests.
  • master data management for customers and equipment
  • workflow-controlled technician app: Information on the task with navigation to the job site as well as access to the customer and machine histories are all available in the app. In other words: Technicians can access all important information (customers, equipment, previous jobs) in the field.
  • high transparency and participation: Customer participation in the ticketing process by opening and monitoring tickets and requesting actions.
  • seamless data collection of work and travel times, spare parts and expenses in the app
  • service reports on the mobile device
  • automatic and clear information of technicians about new to-dos and open activities
  • checklists/Smartforms as guidelines for technicians and for documentation purposes: Depending on the service case, equipment and scenario, there are different templates available.
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Advantages of SAP Field Service Management

  • faster invoicing, which leads to higher customer satisfaction and thus has an impact on sales
  • interaction option: Customers can interact directly with the service team via their smartphone or tablet.
  • rapid access for technicians to all relevant information
  • fast response times through prioritization of service requests, service level agreements and intuitive usability
  • increase of the first-time fix rate
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SAP FSM meets augmented reality

Do you want to be ahead of the game in the service sector? At valantic, we do too! That’s exactly why we are already working on the topic of augmented reality (AR) as support for technicians. The direct linking of AR, such as 3DQR, with SAP Field Service Management (FSM) ensures a seamless transition from the office to the technicians. This means that technical teams can …

  • accept, execute, and follow up on jobs directly from their tablet or cell phone.
  • have access to all important information at any time and from anywhere.
  • plan and execute on-site tasks quickly and efficiently.

The advantages of integrating AR into SAP FSM are obvious:

  • visualization of tasks and direct localization of the job site through AR
  • The high level of technical support helps with the initial training of new colleagues, further training, and self-service.

Service management on point SAP S/4HANA Service

The SAP S/4HANA Service solution is an integral part of S/4HANA and the S/4HANA Cloud. It integrates seamlessly with a wide range of SAP processes to deliver an excellent customized service experience.

The most important functionalities at a glance

  • end-to-end commercial service management, including integrated processes for order processing, billing, and financials
  • technical service management: from planning to processing on a central platform
  • spare parts management
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Advantages of SAP S/4HANA Service

  • integrated ERP system
  • integration with SAP Field Service Management
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