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Customer Data Management with SAP

At valantic, superior customer experiences begin with consolidating and standardizing data from all sources—online and offline. Efficient customer data management is enabled by SAP. As a longstanding SAP Gold Partner, we prioritize understanding end customers’ interests and goals in every journey phase across channels.

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CDP? CDC? In both cases, these are systems that collect and analyze data resulting from customer interactions. Naturally, this is done within the framework of all legal requirements. How does customer data management benefit you as a company and your customers? We will be happy to explain. But in this context, we first need to differentiate between the SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP) and SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC).

Easily consolidate & activate your customer data What is the SAP CDP?

Using the SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP), customer-related data can be collected and consolidated. In addition to data collection, it is about understanding users and activating customers across all channels. In addition, meeting all data protection requirements builds customer trust in the long term.

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  • enables real-time customer interactions.
  • is an activation layer for all business processes that require customer data.
  • as a cloud solution, can be combined with SAP Customer Experience solutions but also with solutions that are not based on SAP.
  • is based on the same technology stack as the SAP CDC but is a separate tool.

Connect. Understand. Respect. Personalize. Why a CDP? Because.

Data is valuable and exists in every company – often en masse. But due to disparate and disconnected sources, a lot of data often goes unused. Connect, understand, respect and personalize data: The SAP CDP is able to do all this and more, ensuring optimal customer data management. Let us briefly explain how your company and your customers can benefit from this.

The CDP can do a lot Functionalities of the Customer Data Platform

The SAP CDP creates a holistic picture of the customer. A solution that is fully in line with our 360-degree customer experience approach at valantic. The most important functionalities in customer data management with the SAP Customer Data Platform include:

  • Linking individual data sources: The SAP CDP links and unifies first-, second- and third-party data from all areas and data sources across the enterprise.
  • Customer dashboards: The system provides an overview of all activities, as well as customer dashboards for individual customer activities across multiple channels.
  • Privacy: When information is shared with other systems, given consents are taken into account.
  • Big data activation: Large volumes of customer data can be processed in real time and made available to other business units.
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Addressing customers without departmental boundaries. Who benefits from the SAP CDP?

Do you want to consolidate and unify data from multiple sources? Your goal is to create a consistently positive customer experience across departments? Perhaps you are currently using multiple source systems that are not yet connected? Then the SAP Customer Data Platform can help you increase sales and profits.

However, there needs to be a certain number of users or customers available.

Manage customer data securely & transparently What is the SAP CDC?

In simple terms, the SAP Customer Data Cloud (formerly Gigya) is a system that generates and manages customer data – from various sources such as registrations, newsletter sign-ups, and the like.

The SAP CDC includes

  • access management
  • self-service registration
  • authentications
  • single sign-on
  • consent management
  • preferences

In short, the SAP CDC enables transparent and secure user experiences across all channels.

Convincing arguments for the SAP Customer Data Cloud Why CDC? Because.

If you don’t know your prospects and customers, you can’t turn them into loyal repeat buyers. And trust is created through data security. The SAP Customer Data Cloud allows you to provide an optimum customer experience – while complying with all regulatory and legal data protection requirements. This benefits companies and customers alike.

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What the CDC can do for you.
Functionalities of the Customer Data Cloud

In addition to various standard interfaces such as login or registration, there are also several out-of-the-box functionalities. From a technical standpoint, for instance, you as a company have the option of using login interfaces for various applications – for e-commerce, the website, the ticket store, the mobile app, etc. This reduces the time required for implementation.

For users, on the other hand, it is convenient to only need a single account for different web presences and applications. What’s more, the login can be connected to their personal social media account.

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One customer identity for multiple channels.
Who benefits most from the SAP CDC?

Companies that want to enable customers to log in to multiple channels with the same identity are well advised to use the SAP CDC. An example would be a large soccer club with a website, online store, and ticketing system. Need to collect consents across multiple touchpoints? The SAP Customer Data Cloud is also perfect for cross-channel consent handling.

Important: For this solution to be worthwhile, a certain number of customers or users is a prerequisite.

And how are the two related? What is the difference between the SAP CDP and SAP CDC?

The SAP Customer Data Platform is based on the same technology as the SAP Customer Data Cloud – but can also be used independently.

The SAP CDC is therefore a possible data source for the SAP Customer Data Platform. The SAP CDC allows customers to register with different authentication methods. The system manages the existing users after their consent across applications, both online and offline.

Based on the collected consents and preferences, the SAP CDP enriches the identified customer profile. The result is a consistent and harmonized customer master data set. This is in turn activated and made available to so-called “downstream” applications. The engagement that is created there ensures customers feel optimally looked after.

The SAP CDP is therefore more than just raw data. The solution offers an active service that makes relevant, enriched information available. Good to know: Both the SAP CDC and SAP CDP can be combined with other products in the SAP CX portfolio. Standard integrations are available for some combinations. For instance, SAP CDP, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Emarsys and SAP Upscale Commerce are a winning combination.

Graphic SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP)
More about customer data management

More about customer data management

Image of Thomas Wieberneit, in the background a data center and an opened laptop; Customer Data Platform (CDP)

A customer data platform (CDP) is not an end in itself

How does a customer data platform (CDP) support a contextual view of customers while increasing the company's business value?

A customer data platform (CDP) is not an end in itself
Image of Tim Baumgart, expert for SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC) at valantic CEC

Getting to know your customers with the SAP Customer Data Cloud (SAP CDC)

We spoke to valantic expert Tim Baumgart about the advantages of the SAP Customer Data Cloud and what sets it apart from the SAP Customer Data Platform.

Getting to know your customers with the SAP Customer Data Cloud (SAP CDC)
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