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Effective quote generation


Whether it’s in B2B or B2C commerce: "Guided selling" helps to quickly find the right products for customers. SAP CPQ makes this possible by allowing you to generate quotes from predefined elements according to your wishes. Let's start with the basics by explaining what SAP CPQ actually is.

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What does CPQ mean?

valantic supports you on your way to an accelerated and simplified digital quote generation process with SAP CPQ – configure, price, quote. This solution by SAP can be used to effectively generate quotes – from the following three points of view:

In the configuration area, the customer’s product requirements can be determined in a targeted manner. The sales team can view all product variants, and configurations that are mutually dependent or mutually exclusive are automatically displayed. Product combinations can be stored in the configurator, and prices are determined automatically.

As far as pricing is concerned, SAP CPQ is often linked to the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. Any price variants, such as those resulting from discount promotions, are automatically taken into account.

The actual quote can be created with SAP CPQ at the touch of a button and sent by mail or DocuSign. Predefined elements ensure a high degree of standardization – always tailored to your "target persons", the recipients of the quote. At the same time, manual adjustments such as a personalized cover letter are possible with just a few clicks.

What exactly is SAP CPQ?

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Description & classification

SAP CPQ was known as CallidusCloud until 2018. It can use the object dependencies of products and variants maintained in a SAP ERP or be configured (or better, customized) as a standalone solution. For which companies is the solution best suited? At valantic, we believe that the more complex the products and their combination logics, pricing or offer design, the more likely SAP CPQ is a suitable option.

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A basic distinction is made between three possible uses:

  1. In the lead-to-cash process as a link between CRM (customer relationship management) and the ERP system: In the CRM system, the quote generation process is triggered using SAP CPQ. The ERP system provides material master data, object dependencies, base prices, costs, etc. CPQ is then responsible for configuration, (multi-level) approval processes, print generation, shipping and transfer of the quote or order to the ERP.
  2. In combination with a commerce solution (for example, the SAP Commerce Cloud): online configurators embedded in a company’s website or store
  3. SAP CPQ can also be used independently, without integration into adjacent systems.
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Advantages from a company and customer perspective Who uses SAP CPQ?

According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2021, SAP CPQ is one of the top 5 CPQ systems worldwide. The solution allows you to generate quotes in just a few minutes. According to a 2019 study by Forrester and SAP, this results in:

5 %

more completed orders

80 %

less staff time in 3 years

a payback period

of under 12 months

an ROI

of up to 234 %

Impressive numbers, right? We would be happy to explain what else speaks for using SAP CPQ.

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Benefits for companies using SAP CPQ

There are three convincing arguments in particular for using SAP CPQ in a company:  


  1. Efficiency in sales:
    • no in-depth product expertise required, as product configuration is validated in real time
    • fast training of staff
    • short coordination and approval processes
    • more deals in less time
  2. Cost savings and security:
    • high-quality quotes
    • increased standardization and automation
    • target group selection through limits that determine the approval thresholds for discounts
  3. Better cross-company collaboration:  
    • closes the gap between sales and production
    • Departmental boundaries and data silos are dissolved.
    • Information from all areas can be incorporated centrally into the quote (for example, availability, delivery data, etc.).

Benefits for customers of these companies

Coming from a 360-degree customer experience approach, the question arises: To what extent do end customers benefit from SAP CPQ? At valantic, we see increased customer satisfaction as a decisive effect on the consumer side. Crucial for this:

  • immediate feasibility check of customer requests
  • automatic price calculations
  • time savings through system-supported workflows and the avoidance of media discontinuities
  • configurations enable products to be created reliably – with less and sometimes even without any coordination and communication required
  • complete transparency in the purchasing process
  • rapid quote generation through faster negotiation and ultimately fulfillment of an order
  • imore in-depth support from the sales department, e.g., custom-fit solutions through guided selling
  • A holistic view of the customer is what connects SAP and valantic. We are proud to be a long-time Gold Partner – and that makes us your ideal partner when it comes to SAP CPQ projects. Feel free to get an even better idea of what we do before you place your trust in us!

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    Functionalities of SAP CPQ

    Optimized quote generation processes, implemented by valantic

    • Quotes at the push of a button and in your own corporate design: Even fixed templates such as data protection agreements, company information and more can be integrated directly into the quote.
    • Sending of quotes directly from the tool: Quotes are generated as Word or PDF files.
    • Smooth integration: SAP CPQ is compatible with leading CRM systems as well as SAP ERP systems. Further integrations are possible on a project basis.
    • Electronic contract and offer acceptance: DocuSign and Adobe Sign
    • Guided selling: Customers are guided step by step to the ideal offer by means of specific questions.
    • also useful in stand-alone operation
    • online configuration in a cloud environment possible
    • support for omnichannel sales
    • Approval workflow: Beyond a certain size, discounts require a four-eyes principle and must be approved by the hierarchy. With SAP CPQ, this process can be automated in a controlled manner, if desired.


    You’re probably eager to see how this works in practice? Have a look through our valantic success stories …

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