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Enhance customer understanding and seamless personalized communication across channels with Emarsys. Elevate your marketing campaigns, and let us guide you toward a tailored end-to-end solution for unprecedented business success.

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What is Emarsys?

Personalizing customer experiences across channels

Originally intended to be an email marketing tool, Emarsys has evolved into a popular omnichannel customer engagement platform. Today, the technology enriches SAP’s CX ecosystem, providing marketers with a comprehensive solution for personalized cross-channel interactions. Its functionalities range from traditional reporting and lead management to the incorporation of the so-called “loyalty wallet”. This feature facilitates rapid activation of customer loyalty programs directly within the platform, often within a matter of days.

Increased engagement. Enhanced customer retention. Heightened loyalty. All achieved through diverse communication channels. In our assessment, we closely examined Emarsys, evaluating it based on a range of criteria.


Emarsys facilitates the development of personalized campaigns rooted in the actions and preferences of individual customers. This ensures that users receive precisely timed offers and messages tailored to their needs.

Customer loyalty

By reaching customers with relevant messages at the right time, it’s possible to foster long-lasting relationships with the company. The magic word in this context is strategic cross-selling and upselling.

Cost efficiency

The omnichannel platform contributes to cost savings. For instance, marketing resources can be employed more efficiently via automated workflows. Simultaneously, diverse channels can be centrally infused with personalized content.


How are your current campaigns performing? Emarsys provides in-depth analytical capabilities and data-driven reporting to ensure the ongoing monitoring and optimization of marketing campaign efficacy. At the same time, you’ll gain deeper insights into your customers’ lifecycles and preferences, thereby strengthening your understanding of them.


If you’re considering Emarsys, you can effortlessly integrate the tool with other marketing and e-commerce platforms. Once deployed, various marketing activities can be better coordinated and optimized.

On the relevance of marketing technologies like Emarsys


”Personalization remains a priority for digital marketing leaders. Relevant and timely messaging is key to educating customers, minimizing friction and building confidence in brand interactions.“


Discovery workshops with valantic

During our exclusive discovery workshops, we’ll show you how to create unique omnichannel experiences using Emarsys’ intelligent software – and thus drive your business success. We’ll cover crucial topics from refining your targeting to seamlessly integrating data collection, analytics, and automation, helping you increase customer value via personalization.

You can also leverage our technical expertise in a “deep dive” to uncover the possibilities and limitations of your platform. This equips you with actionable recommendations and empowers you to harness the full potential of Emarsys integration.

The outcome of a discovery workshop with valantic: targeted solutions yielding fast results and sustainable customer relationships!

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Additional insights on Emarsys

On our blog, we provide a comprehensive comparison between Emarsys and the SAP Marketing Cloud, using specific real-world scenarios. And finally, we’ve asked one of our MarTech consultants to answer five key questions about Emarsys CXP . Be sure to give it a read!

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What is Emarsys and what can the tool do?

Five Questions for a Martech Consultant about the Emarsys CXP

Download What is Emarsys and what can the tool do?
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Comparison of Emarsys and the SAP Marketing Cloud

How is the marketing platform Emarsys recently acquired by SAP different from the SAP Marketing Cloud already in the SAP portfolio?

Download Comparison of Emarsys and the SAP Marketing Cloud

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