Customer Journey

A customer journey refers to the individual cycles that customers run through before they decide to purchase a product. From the point of view of marketing, the customer journey includes all of a consumer’s touchpoints with a brand, a product or a service. These include not only the direct interaction points between customers and companies (advertisement, advertising spot, website, etc.), but also indirect contact points where the opinion of third parties about a brand, product or service is obtained (evaluation portals, user forums, blogs, etc.). A deep understanding of the entire customer journey is the basic requirement for customer-oriented marketing and sales orientation. valantic helps companies optimize their customers’ customer journey.


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Agility in customer experience management – 6 tips for how you can confront the next crisis better with your customers

Companies are confronted with the challenge that customers are “locked out” due to corona crisis. Here are 6 tips that will help you on being successful nevertheless.

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The Peak-End Rule or Why Customer Experience Should Never be Left to Chance with Customer Experience Management

When is the customer experience good, when bad? Does only the first impression matter or does the experience arise from the total of all positive and negative experiences that a customer has with a company? What influences our perception?

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5 Tips for How You Can Close the Experience Gap

How good is your customer experience management? If your assessment doesn’t match the customer's experience, you’ve got an experience gap. We’ll give you some helpful tips for how you can close this gap.

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Why CRM is no longer enough today

With digitalization, the customer journey is being transformed, from analog to digital. What effects will this have on the customer relationships of tomorrow?