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SAP Marketing Cloud

Customers are used to obtaining and communicating information quickly and easily in their everyday lives. That’s why they expect the same in B2B or B2C environments. SAP Marketing Cloud simplifies the creation of different target groups and frees up marketers’ resources through targeted automation.

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What exactly is the SAP Marketing Cloud?

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The SAP Marketing Cloud, formerly SAP Hybris Marketing, is part of the SAP customer experience solutions offered at valantic. It enables a 360-degree customer view, which is also the focus of our daily work.

So what does the SAP Marketing Cloud do?

Various customer data from different source systems are used for personalization. It is important to protect this confidential information and prevent information loss. In addition, the SAP Marketing Cloud helps to reduce the complexity of personalized customer targeting. Through an intuitive and performant segmentation option, contextually relevant target groups can be created. This allows your employees to act in a customer-focused and efficient manner.

Good to know: SAP Marketing Cloud can be easily combined with other SAP CX products, including the SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Customer Data Cloud and SAP Service Cloud. Integration with third-party applications such as Qualtrics is possible as well. Using the SAP Marketing Cloud together with the SAP Commerce Cloud is particularly promising.

Who benefits from this solution and how? Advantages of the SAP Marketing Cloud

Customers ignore marketing efforts if they don’t appeal to them. That’s a fact – and one we’ve all experienced before.

According to a Forrester study, marketing departments use about 15 different tools to effectively reach their customers.

We at valantic know: There’s an easier way to do it – with the SAP Marketing Cloud! We would be happy to show you who benefits from this solution.

Benefits for your company

Benefits for end customers

Among other things, valantic and SAP want to achieve one goal: an optimal customer experience. This goes hand in hand with the advantages of the SAP Marketing Cloud for end customers:

  • Unique customer experiences: products, offers and campaigns precisely tailored to a target group defined by algorithms
  • Cross-channel personalization: from salutations to product recommendations
  • Content relevance: Customers receive only content that is relevant to them to maximize conversions.

SAP Marketing Cloud features

For a consistent brand experience

The benefits of the solution sound really quite impressive? An overview of all functionalities confirms that it is indeed impressive! The SAP Marketing Cloud is already delighting countless valantic clients with the following features:

  • uniform customer communication across all channels
  • product recommendations based on orders and product views in the online shop
  • support for cross-selling and upselling
  • machine learning and algorithms
  • personalization
  • target group creation based on specific data
  • extensive segmentation options based on complex and customer-specific data models
  • data separation of customer data via authorizations

Special topic, powered by valantic: Marketing automation with the SAP Marketing Cloud

There are three areas in a company that help generate more revenue through successful lead generation:

  1. seamless collaboration between sales and marketing
  2. content marketing strategy, i.e. design processes for customer acquisition
  3. use of marketing automation


Let’s take a closer look at the last point, because the SAP Marketing Cloud is a perfect tool for this. Why is it worth automating marketing processes? Marketing automation …

  • bundles marketing activities and makes them more effective.
  • contributes to a unique customer experience.
  • promotes trust in the brand through a consistent corporate identity.
  • helps employees save time, effort and budget.
  • automatically classifies leads through lead scoring.

For more details, contact the experts of the valantic crew!

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