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All about MDC Process Cockpit

Automate master data changes in SAP

Questions about responsibilities, approvals, and clearances are a regular part of daily business in connection with changes to productive master data. If such processes are performed manually — via e-mail, using paper forms, by telephone or even entirely without communication — they become not just unclear and error-prone, but also time-consuming for everyone involved. This can be changed with automatic functions. We’ll be glad to show you how.

Simplify and structure processes in SAP via flexible workflows

With our new MDC Process Cockpit, your company can simplify and structure its master data change processes in SAP (e.g. material discontinuation, field changes in the material master data or address changes) and control these securely via flexible workflows — thus making processes transparent and efficient for everyone involved with significantly shorter throughput times.

You can get the MDC Process Cockpit for automated master data management directly from valantic – as individual solution or integrated into the MDC Master Data Cockpit. Both solutions are completely integrated in SAP and require no data migration.

Your benefits

Special control of your workflows in case of master data changes, for example, discontinuation control of the material, parts list change or address change

Shorter throughput times, greater transparency

Easy entry of the application data thanks to flexible Dynpro control

Constant availability of all essential information, attached info texts and file attachments in the entire workflow

Flexible workflow configuration depending on the material type, organizational unit or other parameters (plant, sales area)

Configuration of the workflows with simple table maintenance

Status tracing of the workflows per master data record or applicant

Special evaluations for immediate clarity about process progress

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Wiebke Brigel

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