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Microsoft is an international developer of hardware and software and a technology company headquartered in the US state of Washington. The company is the world’s largest software provider and one of the largest companies anywhere. Microsoft sells operating systems and application programs, as well as hardware such as mice, joysticks, keyboards, and other input devices, and ERP software. The company is know primarily for applications such as Windows and Office and devices including the Surface series. valantic also offers many services based on Microsoft technologies in order to help its customers work more efficiently.


Bild von zwei Personen, die Notizen vor sich liegen haben, daneben in einem runden Bildausschnitt ein aufgeklappter Laptop sowie eine Glühbirne
Conversion from MS Dynamics on-premise to the SAP Sales Cloud – data migration in no time at all

The conversion to a new CRM system brings new opportunities, but also some challenges. How can data be transferred from Microsoft Dynamics on-premise to the SAP Sales Cloud most easily?