Lünendonk Study

The Lünendonk lists are supplier rankings of the large B2B service provider segments. These studies are created by Lünendonk & Hossenfelder, a consulting and market research company headquartered in Mindelheim. The lists are derived from annual supplier surveys in the course of studies that examine companies in the European information technology, consulting, and service industries. The evaluations are made based on answers provided by the companies surveyed or they are estimates. The Lünendonk lists appear each year in the early summer; detailed studies are available beginning in July. In 2020, valantic appeared in several Lünendonk studies and, among other things, ranked among the top 5 medium-sized consulting companies in Germany.

Dr. Holger von Daniels, Managing Director and Founder at valantic

#valanticworld September 23, 2020

Perpetuating entrepreneurial resistance together

In the IT user study published by Lünendonk on 22 September 2020, "The Market for IT Consulting and IT Services in Germany", 76 IT service providers share insights on developments, trend topics and future forecasts. In an interview, our CEO Holger von Daniels also talks to Lünendonk about growth, success and the holocratic management structure at valantic.

Perpetuating entrepreneurial resistance together