Connected Chain Manager (CCM)

valantic’s Connected Chain Manager (CCM) is a web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that uses simple interfaces to connect all partners’ frequently heterogeneous system environments along the entire supply chain. This way, as many suppliers as desired can be integrated and the complete supply network visualized with all relevant parameters such as throughput times and BOM information. Thanks to the combination and analysis of this data, companies and participating partners can achieve transparency that spans levels and companies. It is therefore ideally suited for inventory monitoring and defect control of global supplier networks. The software can be used right away and it is ideal for situations where the concern is quick transparency.


Bild von Markus Schedel, valantic Supply Chain Excellence, in zwei runden Bildausschnitten daneben ein LKW sowie eine Lagerhalle, Lieferketten optimieren mit dem Connected Chain Manager von valantic
Optimize supply chains with the Connected Chain Manager

Intelligent supply chain management creates transparency, improves processes, and reduces work and costs. valantic’s Connected Chain Manager (CCM) visualizes relevant information such as inventories, throughput times, parts lists, requirements, and delivery capacities, which in turn provides inter-company planning security, even in a multi-level supply chain.

Bild von Dr. Falk von Falkhausen, valantic Partner und Geschäftsführer im Competence Center Supply Chain Excellence, daneben ein Bild von fahrenden LKW's und dahinter Bilder von einem Lager und einer Bergstraße
5 questions for… Dr. Falk von Falkenhausen about the ability to monitor supply chains in times of crisis

valantic launched a new cloud solution two weeks ago: the Connected Chain Manager (CCM). We spoke to Dr. Falk von Falkenhausen about the ability to efficiently monitor global supply chains.