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Financial Planning

The term financial planning describes the creation of a detailed plan in which all important aspects of a company are recorded, analyzed, and planned. This financial plan puts planning on a firm base and makes it easier to make the right decisions in the business’s interest. The primary goals of financial planning are, on the one hand, planning — and of course financing — future investments. To enable this, on the other hand, liquidity has to be ensured and profitability guaranteed. This means that a financial plan always also includes capital requirements planning and liquidity planning. valantic advises CFOs and companies’ financial departments on the professional creation and implementation of financial planning with IT-supported systems, among other things with the help of SAP solutions and custom developments.


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Rolling Forecasts – the Real-Time Enterprise is Becoming a Reality

Rolling forecasts give companies the agility and flexibility they need in volatile, rapidly changing markets. The real-time cloud-based planning tool Anaplan provides all the functionality companies need to compete more successfully. The Corona crisis continues to hold the business world in its grasp. While global supply chains broke down in the first phase of the […]