valantic cooperates with SAP and apsolut: Transparent supply network thanks to SAP Ariba

Strategic SAP Partnership

Munich, October 14, 2020: The digital solutions, consulting, and software company valantic, in cooperation with its strategic partners SAP and apsolut, is offering new possibilities for incorporating planning-relevant network information. Effective immediately, customers can integrate the SAP solution Ariba into their planning processes in order to reduce inventories and increase service level and productivity. In addition to integrated business planning and operative logistics, with the cooperation in the Ariba network, the valantic division Supply Chain Excellence offers a connection to the supplier network and thus a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain.

The goal of this cooperation is to provide all relevant information about the supply chain within a SAP system environment and thus to make the entire supply chain transparent. Thanks to the cooperation with the SAP Ariba experts, valantic customers and their supply chain partners will be able to work together and share planning-relevant information securely and easily on this collaboration platform.

Partnership cooperates under the patronage of SAP

SAP initiated the cooperation and brought both partners to the table. While the valantic division Supply Chain Excellence is known for its expertise in supply chain management (SCM) and in particular for its planning and process know-how, in purchasing, apsolut GmbH is recognized as one of the most important SAP partners in Germany. “apsolut is an expert that can incorporate its SAP Ariba experience and capacities directly into our projects,” explains Claudius Rieger, Senior Consultant at valantic.

Mario Tonello, Manager Purchase-2-Pay of apsolut adds: “In valantic, we have found an expert partner that brings along bundled SAP IBP knowledge and complements us with the Ariba network. This way, in the future, it will be possible to address suppliers via a central platform.”

Procurement process end-to-end with SAP Ariba

Many companies have already digitalized their purchasing and are using catalog systems or automated procurement processes, for example. But usually the digitalization ends on the way to the supplier. Currently, many orders are still placed via e-mail. The SAP Ariba network closes precisely this gap with an integrated end-to-end solution. Within the system, it is possible to integrate new suppliers, start calls for bids, and exchange planning requirements with suppliers. The result is completely digitalized orders and invoices. And it’s not just procurement that profits from this, but also suppliers, for they always receive updated planning figures. This way, deviations can be detected more quickly and bottlenecks avoided effectively.

Comprehensive Sales Inventory & Operations Planning (SI&OP)

As part of the cooperation with apsolut, in the future valantic will combine the central planning software SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) with SAP Ariba. Thanks to the cloud integration, suppliers have access to their customers’ production program and they can reduce inventories and better balance service level and capacities. “Concretely, the combination of SAP IBP and SAP Ariba offers two new functions,” says Claudius Rieger. “On the one hand, I have my heuristics and an optimizer, which can optimize all of my S&OP results; on the other hand, I have comprehensive network monitoring in order to detect breakdowns or demand fluctuations early on and take action.”

For optimal processes in Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning, valantic connects the central planning software SAP IBP not just with SAP Ariba (connection of the supplier network), but also with various information sources such as S/4HANA (as ERP system), SAP C4/HANA (customer interface for correct demand), SAP Analytics Cloud (for the visualization and integration of the financial world), and SAP Logistics Business Network (for provision of operative material transactions).

More information about valantic’s integrated planning process.


Image of Claudius Rieger, Senior Consultant at valantic Supply Chain Excellence

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Claudius Rieger, Senior Consultant at valantic

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Source: apsolut

Mario Tonello, Manager Purchase-2-Pay at apsolut

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