Consistent planning and scenario simulation from project to production

Presenting waySuite Version 5.2: The Big Picture

  • The APS system is now a meta-front end that accesses information from any systems
  • Project management and production planning on a common basis: wayPRO and wayRTS components are integrated more tightly

Munich, December 23, 2022: valantic has released Version 5.2 of waySuite. Numerous new functions and dashboard features make the real-time software suite for sales & operations planning (S&OP) even more informative and clear. The new wayEXT (wayExtensions) module allows users to access external software from the waySuite user interface. This enables them to access complementary information from applications such as Office, databases, SAP, and other business software in order to plan activities more quickly. waySuite therefore becomes a meta-front end and spares you the trouble of jumping back and forth between different applications. New filters enable clear presentation of highly complex network plans, and project managers can now see at the touch of a button how their decisions will affect production planning.

“Transparency, a company-wide planning picture, and realistic decision-making principles – what we communicate in process consulting was once again the motivation for the current improvements to waySuite,” says Christian Wahnschaffe, Vice President and Product Manager of valantic’s Supply Chain Excellence division. “One focus was the further expansion of the wayPRO multi-project planning tool, because companies with a focused project business, such as in special-purpose machinery and plant construction, always depend on having their eyes on the entire value chain.”

AI-based evaluation

In the event of capacity bottlenecks, there are always questions about the optimal deployment of personnel, the answers to which depend on a variety of factors. wayRTS now makes automatic suggestions for shift model changes to improve adherence to deadlines and utilization. The AI-supported shift model evaluation function recognizes the potential, but also prevents having employees work shifts if bottlenecks can be solved differently – for example by optimizing employee planning for other workplaces.

Keeping an eye on the big picture

Visualization is a prerequisite for understanding and assessing complex relationships. Filters make connections in complex networks more visible. In some cases, it is now possible for the first time to summarize dependencies in such a way that they can be displayed on a screen, because everything that is not important at the moment is “put away.”

Many improvements in waySuite 5.2 aim to improve how information is presented. This starts with the dashboard as the home screen. Here you can create any kind of tile in the Microsoft look: For example, tables with integrated statistics functions and traffic light tiles that keep an eye on important factors, browser and Gantt chart tiles, load profiles, and more. More customization is also possible. This means that the ribbon can now be customized not only for lists, but also to create custom views.


Projekt Manager für die interaktive Multiprojektplanung von Terminen und Kapazitäten

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With its interactive multi-project planning tool wayPRO within the waySuite, you can keep an eye on the entire value chain with deadlines and capacities.

Planning Center der waySuite: Kapazitive Grob- und Feinplanung mit automatisierter Rüstoptimierung 

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The waySuite Planning Center: Capacitive rough and detailed planning with automated setup optimization

waySuite Dashboard Transparenz über den kompletten S&OP-Prozess

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The waySuite dashboard can customized: For example, with integrated statistics functions and traffic light tiles

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