Lünendonk on the DXS Market: valantic Upgraded From Challenger to Chaser

New Study on Digital Experience Services

Munich, November 2, 2023 – The latest market study on digital experience services (DXS) in Germany conducted by the market research and consulting company Lünendonk confirms: The digital consulting, solutions, and software house valantic is one of the fastest growing providers in the market. In terms of the relevance of leading service providers, valantic has climbed from challenger to chaser. According to the study, valantic’s competitors are also noticing that it is forging ahead in the DXS market.

In their annual DXS study, Lünendonk’s analysts have upgraded valantic to chaser in the digital experience services (DXS) market. “Above all, valantic has invested in the area of digital commerce and is now combining this new expertise with its traditional strengths in supply chain management,” said the study’s findings. In addition, the company now has extensive expertise in the data and analytics area as well as in business and management consulting – resulting from, amongst others, mergers with the digital consultancies mm1 and Sieger Consulting. But valantic is also one of Germany’s leading IT service providers for software development, the analysts say.

When classifying individual providers for DXS market relevance, Lünendonk not only compares the service providers’ revenue performance but also their respective portfolio focus, market share, and how they are perceived on the market. The verdict: valantic is the only DXS market player to advance from challenger to chaser. According to Lünendonk, one of the main drivers of valantic’s successes in the DXS sector is the focused expansion of its service portfolio – not least through highly selective recruiting. As a result of this recruiting strategy, valantic now has more than 1,000 specialized consultants to support its customers.

Uwe Tüben: “Our entrepreneurial approach is unique on the market”

valantic’s peers are also increasingly noticing its progress: In particular, when asked which companies were the four most important competitors as full-service providers of digital experience services, valantic was named much more frequently this year than in the past. In this year’s survey, 19 percent of the respondents said they regarded the consulting company as a strong competitor, compared to just 11 percent a year ago.

Uwe Tüben, partner and managing director at valantic, is delighted with the excellent result of his company which he attributes primarily to its closely meshed and broad-based customer support: “We offer our customers assistance wherever they need it – from developing their business cases and UX concepts through to implementing their digital experience platforms. We make sure their operations run smoothly, optimize their supply chain systems, and transform their ERP backend systems if necessary. This wide range of digital transformation services, combined with our entrepreneurial approach where each customer has its own valantic partner as an account manager, is, I believe, unique on the market.”

Above-average growth

These qualities, which are driving demand for valantic’s products and services, are also reflected in its revenue. The authors of the Lünendonk study stressed the colossal 53 percent revenue increase that valantic generated through both organic and inorganic growth. Overall, there is significant demand for DXS providers, amongst other things due to the shortage of skilled workers, it said. Also, many customers still have much potential for improvement in the digital experience space. Only 13 percent of the respondents said their companies offered an innovative digital experience. One in two companies, on the other hand, is concerned about losing customers due to an inadequately developed customer experience.

Uwe Tüben also emphasizes the importance of customer centricity: “Unsurprisingly, strategies that meet customers’ needs and communicate with them in their own language have proven much more successful. This is the fine art of customer experience. It’s not just about optimizing website or app navigation. More important are needs-oriented functions that benefit customers, information structuring derived from this, and the right aesthetics and tonality.”


Uwe Tüben, Partner & Managing Director, Division Customer Experience

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Uwe Tüben, Partner and managing director of valantic

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