Conversational AI: Digital Customer Assistant Based on Artificial Intelligence and AudioCodes at Toyota

Voice Bot “eCare” helps Toyota drivers when the red warning lights come on

Munich, August 24, 2023: The digital solutions, consulting and software company valantic ( has developed a Conversational AI solution together with Toyota Deutschland GmbH that recommends by telephone which action vehicle drivers should take in critical situations. The digital assistant not only gives customers peace of mind, but also has a short amortization period for Toyota. Toyota is the only car manufacturer to date to offer a customer-friendly digital eCare service.

Drivers are often uncertain what to do when a warning light suddenly illuminates on the dashboard. Is the onward journey endangered? Is there a risk of vehicle damage that could necessitate repairs?

Toyota, the world’s largest car manufacturer, therefore decided to develop a Conversational AI (CAI) solution for its customers with the help of valantic. The Conversational AI solution contacts the vehicle owner by telephone within seconds when a critical Priority 1 or a severe Priority 2 fault is flagged. The driver then receives specific recommendations for action based on the flagged error or warning. The CAI solution then sends further information to the driver by e-mail and notifies the responsible Toyota dealer of the incident. As a result, the dealer can start working on the repair as soon as the vehicle arrives.

In this way, drivers can avoid serious damage to their vehicle or, if only a trivial warning is flagged, continue their journey with peace of mind.

Digital assistant based on Artificial Intelligence, AudioCodes and Azure Services

Various technologies are used including the Cognigy.AI platform, AudioCodes and Azure Services, which convert text into spoken language. When a flagged error reaches the Toyota server, the Cognigy.AI platform calls up the customer’s contact information and activates the CAI customer assistant. The digital assistant accesses extensive technical documentation, calls the customer and explains what needs to be done. Before this can take place, however, customers must first give their consent for the relevant data to be used.

The Conversational AI solution Toyota eCare gives customers peace of mind

Toyota is preparing its dealers meticulously for the introduction of the digital eCare customer service and will enjoy many advantages as a result: The service strengthens customer loyalty and enhances customer confidence; dealers – for whom the system is free of charge – save an average of 20 minutes resolving each case; and last but not least, the high savings potential of the digital assistant means that Toyota will claw back its costs within a short period of time.

The eCare assistant is currently only available in German but, thanks to the project’s high scalability, additional languages can be easily added. Toyota is a digital pioneer and so far the only car manufacturer to offer its customers a digital eCare service.


Achim Koch | Toyota Deutschland GmbH | Success Story Conversational AI

Source: Achim Koch, Manager Produkt Qualität CX at Toyota Deutschland

“We want customer-friendly mobility for everyone and do not see ourselves purely as a carmaker. Toyota eCare is the beginning of a new quality in customer service, which we have successfully introduced with valantic’s help.”

Daniel Völker, Head of AI Solutions Department

Source: Daniel Völker, Lead Consultant Data Science & Conversational AI at valantic

“Toyota eCare has been available since the end of last year and has been received very enthusiastically by customers. The service lastingly strengthens the relationship of trust between the customer and their vehicle, and the dealer.”


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