valantic is an SAP Focus Partner twice over as part of the Diamond Initiative

SAP Award for Top Industry Services

Munich, July 1, 2020: SAP created the Diamond Initiative in 2019 to emphasize and reinforce special industry expertise. As part of this program, valantic was awarded Diamond status twice over in May 2020. The award as part of the Diamond Initiative will foster still closer cooperation between valantic and SAP.

As part of the Diamond Initiative, SAP Deutschland presented the digital solutions, consulting, and software company with Focus Partner awards on the sales team CON-PLI (Consumer Products, Sports & Entertainment, Pharma & Life Science) and on the sales team SRV-SPCOMM (Service Provider & Communications). Relevant for valantic’s selection as a Focus Partner two times over were, according to SAP, the total number and quality of pilot projects, pre-studies, proofs of concept (PoCs) and customer projects put into production with appropriate references in the previous year.

“We are very pleased about the SAP Focus Partner awards as part of the Diamond Initiative. We will share the added value associated with these awards, from proactive support by SAP partner management to preferred cooperation with SAP sales, equally with our customers,” says Kai Kronauer, Director SAP Engagement at valantic. “We also regard the dual Focus Partner awards as confirmation of our work and inspiration to continue working hard for our customers.”

The Diamond Initiative created in 2019 relies on the Diamond model for industry-specific services of SAP partners and therefore differs from the general partner program, where the focus is on solution-specific expertise. There, SAP named valantic a Cloud Focus Partner in the C/4 Cloud Suite and Digital Supply Chain areas as part of the “SAP Cloud Focus Partner Initiative 2020.”

valantic is an SAP partner providing outstanding services

The awards as part of the Diamond Initiative are subject to strict assessment criteria. These awards are only presented to partners who have done something special in the five categories: innovation, expertise, solution expertise, demand generation, and joint partner revenues. In the test data generator called “DemGen,” valantic is an SAP Focus Partner that scored above average – that is to say well or very well – in all industries.


Picture of Kai Kronauer, Director SAP Engagement at valantic

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Kai Kronauer, Director SAP Engagement at valantic

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