Extensive enhancements of the wayRTS APS software

valantic Presents Release 5.0 of the waySUITE Sales & Operations Planning Software

Munich, September 30, 2020: The digital solutions, consulting, and software company valantic introduces Release 5.0 of the waySUITE Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) software. The focal point is on extensive improvements to and expansions of the wayRTS real-time module for Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS). The new features include expansions of real-time scenarios, automated backlog elimination, and much greater flexibility when working with dashboards, lists, and diagrams

After many new functions for process integration in the areas of sales and forecasting were integrated into the last release, the current release, waySUITE 5.0, focuses on extensive enhancements and performance improvements in the APS module wayRTS (Real Time Simulation). The main memory-based data structure of wayRTS enables the visualization and simulation of production processes and supply chains, scenario techniques for making planning decisions, and the seamless integration and synchronization of all value-creating processes. The uniform data structure for rough and detailed planning creates a continuous, plant-spanning planning picture without any interruptions.  

Expansions and new features in waySUITE 5.0 

  • Automated backlog elimination in wayRTS: 
    New in waySUITE 5.0 is the opportunity to let existing backlogs be resolved automatically directly in wayRTS. For this, the backlog elimination function from the wayOPT optimizer module was integrated into wayRTS. Automated backlog elimination can be configured flexibly, the planner can adjust decisions even after the optimization.  
  • New features in scenario technology: 
    Now planners can generate a scenario in the background with just a click. A new tab opens, on which simulations of a planning situation can be played through quickly and efficiently; decisions can then be made and taken over directly into the productive environment. Coupled with the planning center, the effects of shifts on material supply can be played through in real time in the Supply Chain Navigator before date changes are stored in the productive system. 
  • New dashboard: 
    The possibilities and functions of the dashboards have been greatly expanded: Tiles, traffic lights, diagrams, lists, and much more are available for selection to create custom cockpits, which can be configured flexibly. The data displayed on the tiles can be compared to threshold values, which are depicted with traffic lights when they are exceeded or underrun. On more detailed dashboards, the traffic light colors also steer the user’s view to the areas that require decisions and actions. With drill-down functions, planners can move directly from the dashboard to the underlying data and processes. 
  • New diagrams and more flexible lists: 
    waySUITE 5.0 offers a multitude of new types of diagrams with axes, titles, and color schemes that can be selected at will. Various data series can be combined in a single diagram, a secondary Y-axis with alternative unit added, and the aggregation level selected freely. Gant charts can be supplied with several bars and arrows, which can be set individually per list. There is an option to display only the data records selected in the list. Multi-view functions enable the composition and linking of any lists to common memory, refresh, and interactive filters. With appropriate rights assignment, the user can now load fields from other lists individually via calculating columns. The basic data can also be edited in the target file. To improve performance, the reference list can be pre-filtered for the data from the original list. The jump to the reference list can also be made as a coupled jump. To create tree structures, the hierarchical display of data records can be defined freely and the legibility of lists was simplified with collective workplace lists, for example. User management has also been converted to lists, which makes user management much easier and more efficient with regard to rights and exceptions. 
  • Network planning requirements in the Supply Chain Navigator: 
    For the aggregated view of network planning requirements, all order networks that belong to a network planning requirement are displayed on separate bars – which greatly increases the transparency of complex order networks. 

“The improvements in our waySUITE standard software develop from projects and discussions with our customers. In this release, there are many improvements for the actual work of planners. Especially the integration of automated backlog elimination, the new tile and traffic light functions for the dashboards, and the possibility to create your own lists with calculated values and permanent link to the original data are real plus points. This way, waySUITE makes planners’ work still easier, increases transparency in the supply and performance networks, reduces costs, and improves the performance of producing companies,” says Christian Wahnschaffe, Product Manager and Vice President at valantic Supply Chain Excellence.


Image of a computer screen of valantics waySuite software

Source: valantic

Dashboards – which can be configured to suit users’ needs precisely – enable quick, clear overviews as decision-making aids for further procedure.

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Image of a computer screen of valantics waySuite software

Source: valantic

Extensive diagram functions with individual labeling, display of various data series on a diagram, and freely-selectable aggregation level offer a whole lot of information possibilities.

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