Compliant AI Assistance: valantic Launches New GenAI Service

Munich, April 26, 2024: The digital consulting, solutions, and software house valantic now offers a cutting-edge, generative AI (GenAI) service that lets companies use GenAI securely, and per all the relevant regulations. The personal AI assistant provides customers and their employees with intelligent help for carrying out their everyday tasks in a fully compliant work environment. If needed, valantic also offers extensive workshops and learning programs to facilitate seamless service integration for the customer. valantic already provides its more than 4,000 employees with a personal AI coworker.

The potential of generative AI to boost productivity and efficiency is widely acknowledged, as many companies seek to expedite processes and optimize their resource utilization. Nevertheless, legitimate concerns remain. A recent study by Cisco (available in German only) highlights significant apprehensions, particularly surrounding data protection. Notably, 76% of respondents impose restrictions on data entry in generative AI tools, and one in three companies opt to prohibit their use entirely.

Laurenz Kirchner, Managing Partner and Head of the GenAI Unit at valantic, offers an alternative perspective: “Our personal GenAI assistant creates the conditions for our customers to harness the vast potential of generative AI within their workforce. A chatbot tuned to the customer’s needs – and adaptable to the company’s branding if required – empowers employees to expedite workflows and optimize results,” explains Kirchner. “At the same time, we ensure the highest standards of information security and data protection for company-internal data entered into the system.”

From marketing and sales to HR: Expedited content creation is driving productivity gains

valantic has also already rolled out a personal chatbot with the internal name “vally” for its own 4,000 employees, which currently uses the ChatGPT 4.0 language model from OpenAI. vally’s underlying Large Language Model (LLM) is trained to understand and generate human language, allowing users to interact naturally with the assistant. vally can interpret texts and documents, respond to them, and autonomously generate meaningful results.

valantic’s employees can harness the chatbot for myriad tasks, enhancing efficiency and facilitating information collection. Accommodating a wide range of use cases, vally proves an invaluable help, particularly in sales & marketing, human resources, customer service, and project management. vally can also provide valuable support in software development by analyzing code and making suggestions for quality improvements.

Capability building: Accompanying training measures as a pivotal lever

According to Kirchner, giving employees a GenAI tool and expecting them to navigate its complexities without further context would not be the right approach. Rather, he stresses the need for systematic accompaniment of the AI transformation process: “How do language models work? Which use cases are relevant in which areas of work? Which compliance requirements have to be observed? And how can one best mitigate the risks associated with LLMs’ potential pitfalls? Employees will initially have fundamental questions and concerns that companies must address before embarking on practical application.”

valantic offers tailored workshop and training formats to guide customers through implementing GenAI assistance. “A lot of educational groundwork is still needed, especially at management and C-level. Demystifying generative AI and training staff to use GenAI based on real-world tasks are essential.” Particularly for decision-makers, relevant understanding is indispensable for future-proofing their companies.

From strategy to execution: valantic significantly broadens its AI portfolio

valantic’s enhanced GenAI service offering ranges from AI strategy development to implementing bespoke solutions. Besides the capability-building workshops mentioned above, its portfolio thus also includes the identification of suitable use cases and the development of custom prototypes.

But GenAI is just the tip of the iceberg: “Companies can use generative AI to expedite and enhance their processes enormously across multiple domains,” remarks Kirchner. Achieving this, however, requires that various conditions be met, such as high data quality, rigorous data management practices, a resilient IT architecture, and a high level of IT security. “valantic meanwhile offers its customers a powerful end-to-end portfolio to tackle these challenges.”

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Versatile support in everyday working life: valantic has also created an internal mascot for its own AI employee assistant.

Laurenz Kirchner, Partner & Managing Director, valantic

Source: valantic

"It’s important to demystify AI": Laurenz Kirchner, Managing Partner and Head of valantic’s GenAI Unit.


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