IBM honors valantic with Bestseller Award 2019

valantic Receives Award from IBM for Outstanding Business Success

Hamburg, May 27, 2020: Success for valantic: IBM Deutschland has honored valantic with the IBM Bestseller Award 2019. The digital solutions, consulting, and software company received the coveted award in the category “Software Award total”. With this prize, IBM recognizes not just the above-average growth of its partner valantic in three business areas, but also its strategic orientation for an enhancement of this successful cooperation.

The official online presentation of the “Bestseller Award 2019” took place at the beginning of May at the IBM THINK Digital Conference 2020: IBM praised its long-time partner valantic for exceptionally good consulting services in German-speaking countries.

“With this prize, the IT group honors valantic’s above-average growth in three different business areas – support provider, embedded solutions agreement, and reselling agreement,” says Marco Braun, Vice President IBM Partner Ecosystem for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. “As a solution specialist, valantic is a very important partner for us, one that is extremely familiar with customers’ requirements and needs,” says Braun, who is responsible for IBM’s partner business in German-speaking countries.

“We are very proud of this award in Europe’s largest market,” says Anastasios Christodoulou, Partner and Managing Director of valantic Business Analytics GmbH. He is responsible for the company’s Business Analytics Competence Center. valantic assists its customers not only with the selection of suitable software, but also with the introduction and integration of this software into existing systems. In addition, the digitalization specialist provides extensive support and its own training center.

In the business analytics sector in 2019, valantic advised its customers first and foremost to integrate already existing applications for reporting, planning, and simulation in order to establish a uniform solution across the company. “This allows our customers can work without breaks between systems and scale potential benefits at the company,” says Christodoulou. “Separate analyses of companies’ masses of data can be performed for individual specialized departments using an assured database. This works the same way for controlling as it does for the HR department.”

Trend topic: Company data analysis in real time

This year, the digital analysis of master and metadata is an important trend. “With this data basis, our customers can, for example, determine precisely critical KPIs such as the profit for an individual subprocess,” says Christodoulou. The incorporation of agile methods and agile control also provides an overview of the relevant control data in real time, not just on particular monthly or weekly cut-off dates. This allows the people in charge to determine quickly whether they are still on course. “Precisely in the era of the coronavirus, it is extremely valuable to know precisely whether your own production is threatened by supply bottlenecks and how long your inventories will last,” according to Christodoulou. Digital evaluations reduce insecurities and minimize risks.

Combined with simulations and forecasts, so-called predictive analytics, the digital solutions automatically provide optimization suggestions based on the current situation. “This shows the user, for example, how high the costs of particular processes are and what should be automated.” “Our customers therefore have a huge competitive advantage with regard to speed, quality, and costs as compared to other companies that do not employ such digital methods,” concludes Christodoulou. In the future, he anticipates even more deployment of artificial intelligence methods in digital solutions and new hybrid cloud services.


Portrait of Anastasios Christodoulou, Executive Director at valantic Business Analytics

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Anastasios Christodoulou, Partner and Managing Director at valantic, responsible for the Competence Center Business Analytics

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IBM Bestseller Award 2019 in the category “Software Award total“

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IBM Bestseller Award 2019

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