Dabero becomes valantic: Wassermann AG is now doing business under the name valantic Supply Chain Excellence AG

New brand identity for the leading digital group

Munich, November 15, 2017: The Dabero Group is now doing business under the new brand name valantic since November 13, 2017. The joint brand identity encompasses all group companies. Thus, the process and IT consulting company, Wassermann AG, which specializes in supply chain management, is now the valantic Supply Chain Excellence AG. With the new brand, valantic is strengthening its position as one of the fastest growing suppliers of digital solutions, consulting and software in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. With 600 consultants and developers in 13 locations, valantic is a leading German-speaking company for digital solutions, consulting, and software.

valantic offers its customers highly specialized consulting and software solutions for digital transformation – from strategy to actual realization. valantic combines expertise in company-critical basic systems such as ERP, CRM, SCM, and banking solutions with an understanding of the latest technology, for example, predictive analytics, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrie 4.0 or Artificial Intelligence (AI), and specific industry knowledge.

Diversified for current digital needs 

The network represented by the company’s joint brand identity allows group companies to provide bundled competencies in agile, demand-oriented fashion and with flat hierarchies for larger digitalization and change processes. The great diversity in specialized and process experts in the group makes valantic an expert partner for company-critical projects for the transformation and optimization of processes and technologies.

One vision – one brand 

“The new brand identity was the logical next step in our development. The company was created through the combination of highly-specialized IT solutions, consulting, and software companies that are leaders in their respective markets. Effective immediately, we will present ourselves using a single brand, yet we will maintain the flat hierarchies and slim structures that our customers appreciate,” explains Dr. Holger von Daniels, Managing Partner of valantic GmbH, formerly the Dabero Service Group GmbH. “We will work with passion to make valantic the best-known brand for digital solutions and consulting in Europe.”
“The tasks and projects that customers approach us with are becoming increasingly complex and far-reaching. The new, standardized brand identity communicates what has been growing organically over the past several years within the group: a powerful network of process and IT experts. Our SCM projects are already profiting from ready access to experts in the SAP or Big Data fields. Our new identity strengthens us as the top address for supply chain excellence projects,” says Martin Hofer, member of the Board of Directors of valantic Supply Chain Excellence AG (formerly Wassermann AG). “From an operational perspective, nothing will be changing for our customers, but we will be more effective than ever before and will be able to flexibly access know-how and resources in the network.”

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