valantic and SYSTEMA form strategic partnership

International Addition to valantic’s Group of Partners

Munich, May 6, 2021: valantic, the fastest-growing IT consulting and software company in Europe, is partnering with Systema, an owner-operated system integrator specialized in software solutions and services for MES integration, manufacturing automation, and production optimization.

The partners’ solution portfolios complement each other very well. Customers will profit from highly integrative end-to-end scenarios in the planning, production, manufacturing, management execution, and logistics sectors.

Systema’s focus is on consulting, development, and implementation of manufacturing IT solutions for discrete manufacturing and the process industry, essential parts of the digital transformation of Industry 4.0 and IIoT companies. It has designed and implemented complete solutions for system integration, manufacturing automation, and production control (MES), on through to ERP integration. Systema is involved in projects around the world and can provide support for customers on-site thanks to branch offices in the USA, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Israel.

valantic Supply Chain Excellence is the proven partner for SAP planning and logistics solutions within the valantic Group. In addition to highly integrative logistics implementation based on SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management), SAP TM (Transportation Management), SAP GTS (Global Trade Services), SAP YL (Yard Logistics), and the Logistics Business Network SAP LBN, valantic SCE offers solutions based on SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) and embedded PP/DS consulting and implementation services for the sales and operations, demand, and inventory sectors, as well as production and fine planning.

Systema’s and valantic’s solution portfolios complement and reinforce each other perfectly. With Systema, valantic is closing the gap between production planning and warehouse execution. In valantic, System is gaining an experienced partner for integrative topics with SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), the integration of manufacturing and warehouse logistics, and integration into production fine planning with embedded PP/DS (Production Planning/Detailed Scheduling).

Customers need more integrated comprehensive solutions

Thanks to the strategic partnership between valantic and Systema, customers will profit from integrated comprehensive scenarios that hardly any other implementation partner can offer with comparable depth. “With its strong focus on SAP digital supply chain solutions, valantic offers the perfect complement to our service portfolio. With valantic’s planning and logistics expertise, with SAP IBP, PP/DS, and SAP EWM, we will be able to create highly integrative and standardized end-to-end processes for production, manufacturing execution (SAP ME/MII, SAP DMC), as well as logistics integration for a wide variety of industries,” explains Benjamin Abraham, Senior Manager Sales & Business Development at Systema. “In Systema, we have found an international partner who will allow us to interlock production even more closely than before with the planning and logistics execution levels. Our customers are increasingly focusing on questions such as how they can address material transport processes in manufacturing with SAP EWM, how WIP inventories are handled, and how real-time data from manufacturing execution can be used for future planning. As an SAP full-service provider, we want not only to advise our customers, but also to offer them functional comprehensive solutions that can be integrated,” is how Markus Schneider, Vice President Advanced Logistics at valantic, explains the strengths of the strategic partnership and the benefits for customers.


Image of Benjamin Abraham, Senior Manager Sales and Business Development at Systema


Benjamin Abraham, Senior Sales Manager & Business Development, SYSTEMA

Bild von Markus Schneider, Managing Consultant und Teamleiter Advanced Logistics bei valantic Supply Chain Excellence

Source: valantic

Markus Schneider, Vice President Advanced Logistics, valantic


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