Abaco Consulting rebrands itself as valantic

Porto, November 28, 2023: Abaco Consulting, a leader in digital consulting solutions, and a software company in the Portuguese market, announces its official rebranding to valantic Business Technology. After becoming part of the valantic family in 2021, the enterprise presents itself with a new name, look and feel as well as a new office in Matosinhos, Porto. These changes, both the company name and offices, reflect a greater alignment with the image and brand of valantic as one of the digital consulting houses with the fastest growth in the European IT market.

Some relevant solutions offered by valantic in Europe will be incorporated into valantic Business Technology. This will strengthen the company`s position internationally, especially in the manufacturing and operations industry. Moreover, new centers of excellence were created in Portugal, in areas such as Process Mining, Integrated Business Planning, and Financial Consolidation.

João Moreira, Partner & Managing Director of valantic Business Technology, stated: “The goal of this change is to present ourselves as a stronger brand, known at a European level and that will allow us to continue the growth we have had in recent years, as Abaco Consulting. We want to further solidify our leadership position in the markets where we operate, offering innovative solutions to our clients and giving the best work conditions to our consultants”. Furthermore, he adds “we expect to achieve growth above our industry average. Essentially, we hope to increase our presence at a national level, and be more present in international projects, while also increasing our current expertise.”

Within the valantic family, state-of-the-art-offices are key in offering employees a professional and comfortable work environment that fits their needs. Therefore, the new office in Porto favors the social and dining spaces as a response to the demands of current times and strongly encourages sustainability policies, such as waste separation, a clean desk policy, and the concept of paper-free documentation.

Maria João Oliveira, Human Capital Director at valantic Business Technology, states that “the concept of the office is light, deepened with our culture of human relations and involvement, it is a place more oriented to the collaborative work model with room for leisure, always with space dedicated to isolated work. She compliments that “the hybrid work model continues to be the one that best suits our reality, not only because of the positive impact it has on our people’s lives, but also because of the very nature of the consulting activity, which requires work models in various environments, whether at the client, at home, or at the company’s office.”

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