valantic presents Version 4.2 of the APS software wayRTS

Plan comfortably and transparently in realtime

  • valantic presents standard software for in-memory SCM planning includes task management module
  • Many functional expansions with respect to views, filters, and database connection

Munich, June 27, 2018: Version 4.2 of wayRTS, the in-memory standard software for planning and realtime simulation of the supply chain, is now available. Three functionalities among the many expansions of the new wayRTS version stand out in particular: The software offers an integrated task management module, it can be used as front end for any SQL database queries, and global views can be generated and shared with other users. In addition, users of this realtime planning software can rejoice about a multitude of improvements to increase user friendliness and efficiency.

The great successes that valantic has achieved for customers in process and IT consulting with the introduction of wayRTS rely on its in-memory architecture and the real-time capability of this APS software. The final result: There is just one transparent, generally applicable planning picture at all times and everywhere at the company. In one area, users of wayRTS previously had to work with external resources such as Excel or other tools: task management in the planning department. With the new Version 4.2, this is no longer necessary; wayRTS now offers planners an intuitive and flexible task management tool. Integrated into the planning software, it is possible to manage tasks, assign them to users, and trace their completion.

wayRTS as database front end

Another important innovation that the new version of wayRTS offers is the ability to read in the content of SQL databases and evaluate it with aggregations, pivots, and charts. This makes wayRTS much “slimmer” because the import of lists from other databases that was required previously is no longer necessary, and at the same time, the program is more powerful: now, additional content such as machine data, employee lists, and much more can be integrated.

Numerous smaller improvements also help make the software more user-friendly and efficient. wayRTS 4.2 offers improvements in the filtering and evaluation of data thanks to the new “global views” function. Authorized users can use this function to create views and evaluations across all areas and make these available to other users easily.

The Planning Center as central tool for operative work now offers multi-windowing. Thanks to the linking of content, the functions of the tool can be displayed freely on several screens in order to use the available screens as efficiently as possible. Thanks to the new traffic light functions and column format, the display of percentages and progress bars, filter criteria that can be generated automatically, and the detailing of generated lists with additional filters in wayRTS 4.2, the program is more user-friendly than ever.

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