Day of Logistics with valantic Supply Chain Excellence

Digitization in logistics

Munich, March 8, 2018: The Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) e. V. has announced the “Day of Logistics” on April 19, 2018. valantic Supply Chain Excellence AG (formerly Wassermann AG), which specializes in process and IT consulting in supply chain management, will also participate in this action day this year. The Day of Logistics offers events in different locations across Germany focusing on training, research, and practice in logistics. The events for students and logistics experts enable the participating companies to position themselves as attractive employers. The motto of the workshop will be “Digitalization in logistics – tomorrow’s supply chain: transparent, flexible, and powerful.” Starting with everyday challenges that logistics departments face, including optimal stock quantities, immediate access to all essential information, use of automation solutions in storage and supply, great supply reliability, secure start-up, sustainable and economical supply networks, etc., process design and the selection of software and hardware technology play an important role. The workshop at valantic in Munich will present three digitalization approaches in logistics:

  • Logistics processes as springboard for digitalization
  • Transparency in critical supply situations with the Critical Chain Monitor
  • Integrated storage and material flow planning with the MAGELLAN Suite

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