valantic FSA strengthens its international expansion

Andy Browning joins as Head of Electronic Trading as valantic FSA accelerates the roll out of its next generation electronic workflow solutions for the electronic trading community.

London (UK) and Frankfurt am Main (Germany), June 10, 2021: valantic FSA provides a unique approach to the deployment of electronic trading technology that combines rugged, battle tested components with the ability to easily add differentiating IP via a low code framework. This extends both horizontally across front office in various asset classes and vertically into middle and back office.

After setting up its International HQ in London in late 2020 with the hire of Peter Holmgren as Director International Markets, the team was supplemented with Sophie Verdellet from Market Factory and Maite Canalda from Brokertec to drive business development. Ian Davies then joined from UBS, where he was a specialist in Fixed Income platform deployment and support.

Meanwhile, valantic FSA has invested heavily in its technology and architecture to ensure that it is the fastest to implement, easiest to customize and comes with the most attractive TCO in the industry. Thanks to these efforts, valantic FSA strengthens its international expansion.

To underline its ambition to become a global leader in trading automation, valantic FSA has now extended its senior executive team with the hire of Andy Browning. Andy will lead the global electronic trading business of valantic FSA and joins from Barracuda FX where he was most recently the Chief Customer Officer. Before that he held roles as Global Head of Account Management and Customer Success at Broadway Technology and Global Head of Client Services at ION Trading.

Andy says “I am very excited to be joining valantic FSA at such a pivotal point in its evolution. valantic FSA has a clear vision and strategy to provide best in class solutions to the FICC community as well as in exchange trading, while maintaining the highest levels of service and integrity when dealing with our clients. The market is looking for a true business partner and I strongly believe, valantic FSA to be that choice. I am more than excited to be able to contribute to make this belief a reality.”

FICC markets have been the last asset class to feel the full force of post GFC regulations which have sought to interpret all asset classes through an equity centric lens. Best execution, central reporting and the increased cost of warehousing risk have compelled all participants to look at new automation technology to meet these regulations.

Above all, though, firms need to evolve for the future. Data is key both in terms of having a real time picture of what is happening and in creating new business opportunities quickly. valantic FSA addresses this with a modular framework approach that allows customers to easily blend their own IP, creating full interoperability and enabling financial institutions to build data centric enterprises.

Joachim Lauterbach, CEO of valantic FSA comments, “all of our customers are demanding a new approach – one that combines strategic agility, data centricity and lower cost. We can achieve this with genuine modularity and interoperability. This means that firms can augment their existing platforms without the cost and risk of wholesale rip and replace. The next phase of our product development is truly innovative, positioning us as an extremely compelling solution in the FICC electronic trading space. Recent customer wins highlight that the markets are embracing our vision. We are thrilled to have Andy join us at this important phase of our journey, and he will be instrumental in executing on our strategy.”

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