TGW Logistics Group expands its use of valantic’s waySuite as part of SAP migration

ERP is changed, but the APS system wayRTS remains  

Munich, October 12, 2023: Since the beginning of 2001, the TGW Logistics Group has been using the wayRTS APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) solution from valantic. The data-leading system was replaced at the beginning of 2022; since then, the planning software has been working with an interface to SAP. TGW is currently implementing the release of waySuite 5.2 and will then provide information about its experiences and advantages with waySuite during the valantic Supply Chain Excellence Day on November 14. During the ERP system migration, waySuite proved its worth as a guarantor of continuity and transparency in production planning and control.  

The TGW Logistics Group is an international leading provider of intralogistics solutions and handles the planning, production, and realization of complex logistics centers – from mechatronics to robotics to control systems and software. The company uses the valantic APS software wayRTS (Real Time Simulation) to plan its production and procurement. This software was expanded as part of the ERP migration project to S/4HANA, to include the waySuite wayPRO components for project planning and control. 

TGW maintains a highly structured, precise workflow for planning production capacities and material flows, one that is adhered to strictly on a daily basis. “Compared to the change in the ERP system, the adaptation of the SAP interface was a sideshow, and yet an interesting challenge,” reports valantic project manager Sascha Kawa. “TGW attached great importance to continuing the processes perfected over decades with wayRTS, and so we were tasked with mapping them in the software during migration under the conditions of the greater complexity with SAP.” 

Daily planning smoothing and real-time adjustment for spare parts business 

The most important adaptations on the waySuite side included the integration of the SAP EWM warehouse system and the introduction of a new project level based on network plans with wayPRO. In normal business operations, TGW optimizes capacity planning through daily adjustments. For the extremely time-critical spare parts business, the planners, however, rely on the real-time simulation capability of wayRTS to find a quick solution for “task force” orders. “Via the certified standard interface developed by valantic, a separate MRP area is used in SAP for the spare parts business,” says Kawa. 

Edmund Klaffenboeck, Manager Process Planning TGW Mechanics, explains: “After an exciting two weeks during the go-live, we were able to restock production, which was the main goal. Looking back, I can see that the challenge of the project resulted from the fact that we had to deviate from SAP and way standards in order to maintain our established processes. Nevertheless, we have been successful in our efforts to maintain transparency, which is critical to planning.” 

SCM experts who would like to learn about TGW’s supply chain excellence will have the opportunity to do so on November 14, 2023, from 12:00-5:30 PM.


Automated systems of TGW Logistics Group

Source: TGW Logistics Group

The TGW Logistics Group is an international leading provider of intralogistics solutions. For more than 50 years, this Austrian specialist has been implementing automated systems for its international customers.

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Source: TGW Logistics Group

TGW Logistics Group is expanding its use of valantic's waySuite as part of the SAP migration.


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