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valantic Technology Trends 2023

Munich, Januar 4, 2023: The digital solutions, consulting and software house valantic has kicked off the new year by defining the most important digitalization trends at companies. Besides the growing importance of Green IT, valantic’s experts have identified, above all, concrete uses of AI and data analytics, as well as the upgrading of machines and workplaces in the virtual space, as the most significant topics for 2023.

In view of the current world situation, the topics of sustainability and energy efficiency are important items on most companies’ agendas. They have also become central topics in IT – and are set to become even more important in the coming year. “Although companies were floundering under the burden of high energy costs at the end of 2022, investments in more energy-efficient, and thus more sustainable, solutions should not be placed on the back burner,” advises Marco Fuhr, Senior Consultant at valantic Supply Chain Excellence GmbH. “Data center energy efficiency is now being questioned far more often, since the answer will save hard cash.”

In addition, artificial intelligence is on the verge of a breakthrough in 2023: as a tool for more sustainability and, above all, for new business models. “In 2023, we will see increased support from our colleague AI,” predicts Thomas Lang, Managing Director at valantic. IT security will be the main beneficiary, Lang continues: “Artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning will play an even greater role in automatically detecting and thwarting cyberattacks.”

Moreover, topics such as Virtual or Augmented Reality and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will fully arrive in the corporate world in the coming months. A key driver of developments, 5G, will become even more relevant in the corporate environment – with a view to IoT production lines or self-driving vehicles on company premises – than in the private sphere. And businesses are also slowly rethinking their cloud strategies: Cloud Native will replace Cloud First, thereby paving the way for entirely new applications in companies.

Spending shrinking IT budgets profitably

IT managers will continue to struggle with shrinking budgets in the coming months, and this trend is likely to continue. They will need to anticipate exactly which investments will benefit the company. valantic has thus formed an expert panel and catalogued the most important trends for technology leaders in 2023:

  1. IT sustainability and sustainability through IT
  2. Sustainability by design
  3. Working and living in virtual reality
  4. Smart workplaces with Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) support
  5. AI-assisted IoT security protects components vulnerable to attack
  6. Data-driven process optimization in mechanical and plant engineering
  7. 5G drives technologies of the future in the enterprise environment
  8. Centralized data analytics solutions
  9. Cloud Native replaces Cloud First
  10. NFTs become key building blocks of the digital world

IT Trends 2023 White paper

In a free whitepaper, which can be downloaded from valantic’s website, valantic’s experts have broken down these trends further and elaborated them with possible practical tips.

White paper: The 10 Most Important Digitalization Trends in 2023

White paper: The 10 Most Important Digitalization Trends in 2023

Ten trends that IT managers should keep in mind. Download our IT Trends 2023 white paper now!

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