Shaping the future of digital experience

valantic Trendreport 2024: Focus on innovative digital experience services

Munich, January 10, 2024: Digital experience: what does this term mean in 2024 and beyond? What developments and changes are shaping today and tomorrow? These and other questions are answered in valantic’s “Shaping the Future of Digital Experience” trend report. A broad team of experts provides valuable insights into how to master an ever-expanding AI landscape and successfully navigate the data universe. Furthermore, the trend report contains innovative approaches and ideas for the e-commerce sector, social media platforms and high performance content. The report also provides up-to-date information on the optimisation of processes and the synergy effects of partnerships.

In this context, AI is a transformative force that drives innovation across all industries and provides efficient, personalized solutions.

“The valantic Trend Report is not only a compilation of emerging and current trends, but also an in-depth analysis of how these trends are fundamentally changing the business landscape. We highlight the mechanisms behind these developments and provide practical insights to help companies proactively prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the coming years,” explains Jelmer Spoelstra (Partner and CEO at valantic NL).

AI – from concept to reality

Whether in strategy, organisation or analysis: Under the title “Mastering the AI Landscape”, the trend report unfolds the development of artificial intelligence (AI) from a visionary idea to an indispensable tool in everyday business. It shows the impact of AI on business process optimization and how businesses can equip themselves for the challenges of an AI-integrated future. With an understanding of the different phases of AI integration and the challenges that need to be overcome, the report provides practical strategies for successfully implementing AI in organizations.

Data is the new gold

The valantic Trend Report also provides valuable strategies in the area of “Navigating the Data Universe”. As a key source for effective digital experience strategies, data is in the spotlight. The report underscores how crucial a good database is for identifying customer needs and recognizing trends in the market. How will data be collected, stored and used in accordance with data protection regulations in the future? What are the roles of Master Data Management, Product Information Management, and Multi-Domain Management? And what does Master Data Governance have to do with all this?

Developments in E-commerce: The Future of Digital Commerce

The trend report takes a closer look at exciting developments in the field of online retail. It sheds light on how technological advances and innovations are reflected in concepts such as conversational commerce and composable commerce – and what meaning sustainability (sustainable commerce) has in this context. Furthermore, the role of 3D product configurators and user hubs in the AI era is elaborated. Different ideas and approaches, all with one goal: to transform the online shopping experience.

About the relevance of performance (social) content

Especially in times of a veritable deluge of AI-generated content, strategically thoughtful and channel-specific quality content plays a decisive role – and this is also covered in the trend report. The journey begins with the growing importance of social media as a search engine, continues with the possibilities of harnessing the full potential of social commerce and influencer collaborations, and finally ends with the identification and development of content that truly inspires.

Hyperautomation, AI, and Network Synergies

At least as important as digital content is the right set-up in the background. Therefore, the trend report also highlights hyperautomation and AI as driving forces in a company’s digital transformation, with low-code platforms playing a crucial role in enabling this hyperautomation. Finally, the concept of business ecosystems as an innovative form of collaboration will be presented to underline the importance of forward-looking partnerships.

valantic Trendreport 2024

The valantic Trendreport 2024 not only offers a glimpse into the future. It also shares best practices on how businesses should align their digital strategy for 2024 and beyond –…

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