sandborn digital Enhances valantic’s Portfolio with Product Lifecycle Management Services

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

sandborn digital becomes valantic

Since October 2022, sanborn digital has been part of valantic. With the merger, the brand presence will now also be unified.

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Munich, 19.05.2022: The Digital solution, consulting and software company valantic continues its expansion course and is now joining forces with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) expert sandborn digital. Customers will benefit from the partnership through enhanced expertise in the implementation, consulting and adaptation of PLM system landscapes.

Managing product and system data across the entire product lifecycle and in all areas of the value chain is continuing to gain in importance. Product Lifecycle Management is an essential instrument here since it helps companies digitally map each of the data and development steps – from the product idea through to production and disposal.

PLM systems play a important role here by creating central data backbones that allow myriad product-related details to be made accessible in an intelligible manner. Additionally to their manufacturing processes, companies can use such system landscapes to optimize all of their sales and marketing processes, as well.

The experts of sandborn digital bring many years’ experience in the areas of consulting, architecture design and the implementation of PLM system landscapes to the valantic Group – regardless of whether implementing a greenfield solution, scaling a system to meet the latest needs, or entirely renewing a legacy system landscape.

With this longstanding PLM expertise, sandborn’s consultants already look back on many successful customer projects centering on the Healthcare & Life Sciences, Automotive, Aerospace and Electrical industries to name just a few. Furthermore, managing directors Shahin Khazanbeik and Dieter Dragon have been rooted in the PLM world for many years, making sandborn digital and its international network a strong partner for valantic’s existing customers.

Breaking New Ground with Product Lifecycle Management

sandborn digital’s PLM services fit seamlessly into valantic’s comprehensive end-to-end digitization services and sustainably complement the portfolio. Martin Hofer, Managing Director and Partner at valantic, agrees: “sandborn digital perfectly enhances valantic’s portfolio in the area of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), allowing us to activate enormous synergies for our customers and pave the way for new projects in the PLM environment. And last but not least: With sandborn digital we have gained a partner who shares our valantic values, brings along a strong management team and strengthens us in our future growth”.

sandborn digital CRO Shahin Khazanbeik, appreciates this new partnership and culture: “valantic and sandborn digital didn’t need to search for each other, we were drawn to each other. In valantic, we have a partner who shares our values and esteems our corporate culture, while allowing us our entrepreneurial freedom. In this respect, it was obvious from the very start that valantic and sandborn digital are a perfect match in terms of strategy and content.
Our shared vision of helping our customers develop their products along the entire value chain is a further tribute to a strong partnership with valantic.”

“Our long-term ambition to support customers in PLM-related projects as well can now be realized even more effectively thanks to the outstanding expertise of our valantic colleagues. At the same time, the complex projects in the entire valantic cosmos provide perfect potential for new starting points and opportunities for further growth,” adds sandborn digital CEO, Dieter Dragon.


Martin Hofer, Partner at valantic and Managing Director at valantic Supply Chain Excellence

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Martin Hofer, Chairman valantic Supply Chain Excellence and Partner

Portrait of Dieter Dragon, Chief Executive Officer of sandborn digital – a valantic company

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Dieter Dragon, Chief Executive Officer bei sandborn digital – a valantic company

Portrait of Shahin Khazanbeik, Relationship Officer of sandborn digital – a valantic company

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Shahin Khazanbeik, Chief Relationship Officer bei sandborn digital – a valantic company

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Logo sandborn digital – a valantic company

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