valantic and ubh form strategic partnership

Integrated systems solutions for intralogistics and production logistics

Munich, December 15, 2020: The digital solutions, consulting, and software company valantic is forming a partnership with ubh, one of the leading automation solutions providers for intralogistics, IT business solutions for retail and wholesale, and custom solutions for special purpose machinery manufacturing. The goal of the partnership is to bundle system integration expertise for the production and logistics sector and SAP EWM and to develop innovative technologies, especially for the integration of smart factory solutions. Customers, especially those in the areas of project expertise and intralogistics, will benefit from these synergies.

In the future, valantic and ubh will offer all products and services for classic intralogistics projects from a single source. These include the planning, installation, and commissioning of turn-key solutions; system selection and provision of conveyor technology; structural steel erection and building components; general contractor services; and the implementation of SAP EWM and SAP MFS; on through to appropriate support services for software and technology.

Partnership turbocharges digitalization for customers

“This strategic partnership with ubh will turbocharge our customers on the path to the digital transformation,” remarks Markus Schneider, Segment Leader Advanced Logistics at valantic. “valantic, as one of the largest SAP consulting and implementation companies in German-speaking Europe, and ubh, with its intralogistics expertise, fit together very well. Together, we can design and promote highly integrated solutions for production and logistics.”

“In order to provide its customers with innovative, networked solutions, valantic relies heavily on SAP standard software for digital solutions and technologies,” continues ubh Sales Manager Wolfgang Prüfling. “Around the world, many market leaders pursue a universal SAP strategy that increasingly penetrates all areas of logistics and production. Thanks to our cooperation with valantic, in the future, we will be able to deploy a higher degree of standardization for our SAP customers’ automatic warehouse projects, which will speed things up considerably.”

To close functional gaps in the SAP ecosystem, ubh will make available its own software solutions AVA (Availability) and SAM (Support & Maintenance). In the future, it will also be possible to use both products in an SAPUI5 variant. valantic brings its own development MAGELLAN to the cooperation – a cloud-based tool for 3D warehouse planning, simulation, and emulation, which enables collaborative work by all project participants. “The partnership with ubh is an important milestone for us on the path to becoming a full-range provider for SAP logistics solutions,” says Markus Schneider of valantic. “We complement each other in many areas, with minimal overlaps. I’m convinced that we need this kind of partnerships in order to keep generating new ideas and advancing innovations in Germany. Both companies’ customers will profit from this.”

At the end of the year, there will be an initial “sprint” for the experts of valantic and ubh. The task is to analyze market requirements with regard to new partnership projects and create a road map for the development of new solutions in the areas of production integration and predictive maintenance.

More details about the companies’ joint services.


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Markus Schneider, Segment Leader Advanced Logistics, valantic

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