Joachim Lauterbach becomes partner and Managing Director of valantic GmbH

Munich, February 1, 2018: Joachim Lauterbach (52) will be appointed to the Executive Board of valantic GmbH effective February 1. Previously, Joachim Lauterbach was a member of the Supervisory Board of valantic Trading Solutions AG and already shared the vision, strategy, and values of the valantic Group. As Chief Operating Officer (COO), among other things, he will utilize his expertise and contacts in the banking sector, which he acquired in the course of various Executive Board and Managing Director positions at technology and consulting companies. On this basis, he will advance the expansion and development of the valantic Group and the internationalization of the existing software products, service offerings, and consulting services.

Joachim Lauterbach has 20 years’ experience as a manager, having held various executive and management positions at technology and consulting companies. Most recently, he was CEO of Interactive Data Managed Solutions (IDMS) AG and, from 2010 to 2014, CEO Central & Eastern Europe for the Computer Science Cooperation (CSC). Before that, Joachim Lauterbach was Sales Director for the areas Sales, Service, and Marketing at the financial service provider VWD, and for 15 years he was employed by companies in the financial industry, including Reuters, Capco, and Thomson Financial.

“We are very pleased that Joachim Lauterbach, an experienced, entrepreneurially oriented manager, will be joining our team as a partner in our group,” says Dr. Holger von Daniels, CEO of the valantic Group.

And Joachim Lauterbach is also looking forward to the new challenge: “I have worked for a variety of the world’s leading technology companies. For me, there is no task more exciting than helping this young, extremely dynamic company with its impressive expansion so that it can become Number 1 for the digital transformation.”

Image of Joachim Lauterbach, Partner and Managing Director at valantic Financial Services
Joachim Lauterbach, COO valantic GmbH

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