valantic at the Internet World Expo March 10-11, 2020 in Munich

Update March 9, 2020: We are sorry to announce that the Internet World Expo was cancelled due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus.

Personalization and automation in digital commerce

Munich, February 26, 2020: Personalization and data-driven process automation in digital commerce are the focus of this year’s Internet World Expo in Munich (March 10-11, 2020). With the two brand-new valantic companies NEXUS United and netz98, valantic has expanded its Competence Center for Customer Experience (CX) and is entering several leading specialists in the race, together with three industry heavyweights: At the trade show booths of Spryker Systems GmbH, Shopware AG, and Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited (Magento), visitors can examine various approaches for e-commerce and digitalization and learn about personalization and automation. Furthermore, Dr. Philipp Hoberg, Head of Concept & Requirements Engineering at NEXUS United, will illuminate this year’s focus topic of the Internet World Export in his client talk “Listen to Your Customers! Why a customer-first approach will pay off for the B2B retailer Wentronic” (Infoarena II, Hall C5/Commerce Systems, March 11, 2020 at 3:00 PM).

The e-commerce giant Amazon is not known for offering the best prices or the most reliable suppliers. Nevertheless, Amazon continues to expand its market share and heat up the ongoing consolidation within the industry on both the supply and demand sides. Anyone who wants to get ahead in the e-commerce sector needs added value that is optimally attuned to customers and meets their expectations as early as possible. The Competence Center CX of the digital solutions, consulting, and software company valantic is not only one of the most successful commerce platform integrators, it is also a specialist in the design and implementation of customer-specific processes.

Listen to Your Customers! Why a customer-first approach will pay off for B2B

Customer-first strategies can offer multiple kinds of added value for customers and therefore provide a market advantage as compared to the competition. However, they are complex and multi-layered. For example, personalized targeting and user-specific front ends require the integration of entirely new business processes. In cooperation with NEXUS United, Wentronic, an international B2B retailer in the electronics accessories sector, confronted this challenge based on Spryker OS Commerce. Using a customer-centered approach, the company wants to maximize change management processes and growth ambitions in order to set itself up well for the future.

Dr. Philipp Hoberg and Wojciech Specht of Wentronic will explain the procedure for a customer-first solution from strategy to technical requirements on through to implementation (Infoarena II, Hall C5/Commerce Systems, March 11, 2020, 3:00 PM).

System-agnostic advising and solution architecture

“The joint appearance with Spryker, Shopware, and Magento at the Internet World Expo is an expression of the system-agnostic advising approach of valantic’s customer experience area, which includes us and netz98,” says Tim Wedler, Managing Director of NEXUS United. “This approach allows us maximum objectivity in advising and gives us access to the right portfolio for nearly every need. These three providers offer solution architecture according to the API-first approach, so that even complex, data-driven processes can be tailored to the customer. That’s why Spryker, Shopware, and Magento are completely in keeping with the trend of this trade show and the pulse of the times.”

A visit to both booths is worthwhile

At the Spryker booth, which will be the largest e-commerce system provider booth this year, top-class e-commerce experts will provide a look behind the digital scenes of some well-known companies.

In Shopware’s booth, there will be live demos of numerous user and industry solutions. In addition, visitors can get complete information about the new version Shopware 6.

The Adobe/Magento booth features an individual speaker area, where visitors can get new inspiration and news about the latest software developments. Magento’s partner agencies will also provide insight into best practices and be happy to advise on the implementation of e-commerce platforms.

“A visit to this year’s Internet World Expo is worthwhile for beginners in digital commerce and also for old dogs,” says Wedler. “The concentration of valuable information and orientation opportunities is definitely of interest. The trade show is not overrun and the e-commerce stars meet here. It’s an ideal place to network and exchange ideas and to get valuable inspiration.”


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Tim Wedler, Managing Director of NEXUS United

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Tim Hahn, Managing Director at netz98

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Urs Haeusler, Managing Director of valantic CEC Switzerland

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