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No company can succeed today without exceptional customer experiences. Everything in the blog category “Customer experience” revolves around the topics of customer experience management, customer journey development, CRM consulting and implementation, marketing automation, e-business and e-commerce, B2B portals and marketplaces, and design and UX development.


5 Good Reasons – This is How Guided Selling with CPQ Increases Sales
5 Good Reasons – This is How Guided Selling with CPQ Increases Sales

With the increasing digitalization of all business units, customers’ expectations are also increasing. Find out which five compelling reasons speak for the use of Guided Selling with SAP CPQ in sales in our blog post.

Only the best Customer Experience (CX) in B2B can win in the long term
Only the best Customer Experience (CX) in B2B can win in the long term

Only the best Customer Experience (CX) in B2B can win in the long term. The solution is an inspiring customer portal for your business customers.

Create the best possible CX for B2B customers
How to create the best possible CX for B2B customers

In the second part of our Customer Experience series, we want to reveal what a process for aligning with your end customer can look like.

Einzigartige Customer Experience im B2B
Unique Customer Experience in B2B

The customer experience has already arrived in the B2B sector. Now it is important to implement this inspiring CX.

Image of Fabian Littau, valantic CEC Germany; How a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can support sales success
Help, we’re running after the wrong sales opportunities!

If you ask the sales department, there is always too much to do and never too little. The opportunities are there, so the store should be buzzing. But it's not? Then it’s high time to see if the sales team is really pursuing the right sales opportunities. The linchpin should be the CRM system.

Picture of Fabian Littau, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Help, my sales team doesn’t use CRM!

Just because you have a CRM system doesn't mean that it will be used and increase sales. How do you make sure that everyone uses the CRM system?

Bild von Personen im Gespräch, daneben ein Laptop und ein Tablet, Customer Experience (CX)
The path to a holistic customer experience (CX)

If you want to be successful as a company, you have to offer your customers a holistic customer experience. More than ever, an all-encompassing CX is a driving factor behind every purchase decision. How do you achieve that? Find out now!

Bild von Thomas Wieberneit, im Hintergrund ein Rechenzentrum und ein aufgeklappter Laptop; Customer Data Platform (CDP)
A customer data platform (CDP) is not an end in itself

A 360-degree view of customers is so “yesterday.” What you really need is a context-sensitive view of the customer that allows you to react relevantly and immediately: At any point in the customer journey. How can a customer data platform (CDP) support this context-sensitive view of the customer and at the same time increase the business value of a corporation?

Bild von Personen im Gespräch; Emarsys oder SAP Marketing Cloud
Comparison of Emarsys and the SAP Marketing Cloud

How is the marketing platform Emarsys recently acquired by SAP different from the SAP Marketing Cloud already in the SAP portfolio?

Worldwide roll-out of the B2B online shop at FUCHS PETROLUB
Worldwide roll-out of the B2B online shop at FUCHS PETROLUB

Benjamin Preißner, Project Manager E-Commerce, has been accompanying the project for over a year and gave us some exclusive insights into the goals of the B2B shop, the selection of the roll-out strategy, and the advantages of this approach.

Image of Tim Baumgart, expert for SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC) at valantic CEC
Get to know customers with the SAP Customer Data Cloud (SAP CDC)

SAP Customer Data Cloud is designed to collect and merge customer identities, preferences, and consents across multiple contact points. We talked with valantic expert Tim Baumgart about what exactly is behind this, what the advantages are, and what differences there are between it and the SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Image of Markus Scheffknecht, valantic CEC Schweiz, Interview SAP Commerce Cloud Migration
What you should know about migrating to the SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud is the promising foundation for your e-commerce platform. But what are the concrete benefits of this solution? When is it worth migrating to the cloud and how does this work in detail? Markus Scheffknecht of valantic CEC Schweiz told us all this in an interview.

Image of Maximilian John an the valantic CEC Germany office in Mannheim
An SAP Commerce Project in the Chemical Industry as Personal Success Story

Dr. Maximilian John gives us insights into the challenges of an SAP Commerce project and describes what he does in his role as Technical Lead.

Picture of Fabian Saccilotto, valantic CEC Switzerland, next to it a smartphone and stacked packages
SAP Spartacus: Progressive Web Applications

What is SAP Spartacus, and what does moving to the progressive web app mean? Fabian Saccilotto of valantic CEC Switzerland knows best about PWAs!

Picture of Simon Hamm, valantic CEC Germany, next to it a smartphone and stacked packages
Headless Commerce revolutionized the omnichannel

What does headless commerce mean, and where are headless e-commerce solutions used? Simon Hamm from valantic CEC Deutschland knows all that and more.

Bild von zwei Personen, die Notizen vor sich liegen haben, daneben in einem runden Bildausschnitt ein aufgeklappter Laptop sowie eine Glühbirne
Digitalization of multi-stage sales channels in B2B retail

In the “Tips & tricks for customer experience with SAP” rubric, we provide some helpful practical tips. The third part deals with so-called chain structures in the SAP Sales Cloud. These help to map complex sales channels – also directly in the standard system.

Image of two people looking at notes, next to them the image of a source code, entering credit card details while shopping online
End-to-End Customer Experience: Shopware as Component of the End-to-End Strategy

The situation created by the coronavirus has restricted offline sales channels and caused a loss of sales. Companies that had a functional e-commerce platform before the pandemic enjoyed a significant competitive advantage. For all other companies, it is therefore more important than ever to create an appropriate infrastructure.

Bild von zwei Personen, die Notizen vor sich liegen haben, daneben in einem runden Bildausschnitt ein aufgeklappter Laptop sowie eine Glühbirne
Trade Promotion Management Made Easy: Creation of multiple orders in SAP Sales Cloud

In the “Tips & tricks for customer experience with SAP” section, we present helpful tips from practice. This second part is about “Trade Promotion Management made easy”. In concrete terms, it is about simple implementation in the SAP Sales Cloud - a means often used in retail to increase customer loyalty, but also to increase market share.

valantic & TechConsult Study: "Corona Redefines IT Priorities"
Corona Redefines IT Priorities: This is What German Companies Now Have on the Agenda

The study "Corona resets IT priorities" by valantic and techconsult examined the impact of Corona on 218 German companies at the end of 2020.

Bild von von Kai Stübane, Head of Sales SAP Customer Experience, B2B E-Commerce
B2B commerce: Times have changed

Just as in B2C, today customers in B2B purchasing expect an easy, transparent shopping experience. That's why suppliers should adjust and simplify all of their purchasing and sales processes to suit this new situation.

Bild einer Frau vor einem Laptop, daneben Post-its, 5 Gründe für Customer Experience Management
5 reasons why companies are more successful with customer experience management

Learn here why an investment in customer experience management is worthwhile and what concrete successes can be achieved with experience management.

Bild von zwei Personen, die Notizen vor sich liegen haben, daneben in einem runden Bildausschnitt ein aufgeklappter Laptop sowie eine Glühbirne
Conversion from MS Dynamics on-premise to the SAP Sales Cloud – data migration in no time at all

The conversion to a new CRM system brings new opportunities, but also some challenges. How can data be transferred from Microsoft Dynamics on-premise to the SAP Sales Cloud most easily?

Image of Alexander Fetzer, Client Value & Innovation Manager at valantic, and Patrick Ganzmann, Managing Director valantic CEC Deutschland, Trends in the CX environment in 2021
“Only the customer is king. That’s why the perfect customer experience is so important today”

Interview with Alexander Fetzer, Client Value & Innovation Manager at valantic and Patrick Ganzmann, partner at valantic, about trends in customer experience.

Bild von Vincent Aniol, RE-UX-Consultant bei valantic CEC Schweiz, daneben das Bild eines Laptopbildschirmes sowie einiger Notizzettel
E-commerce: Customers Pay Higher Prices with Good Customer Experience

What makes for good customer experience in e-commerce and what do e-shop operators need to keep an eye on? Vincent Aniol, valantic, answers these questions.

Picture of wine bottles in a wine rack, a mobile phone on which an online shop is displayed and two people in a consultation, valantic Customer Experience (CX)
Survey about the Status Quo of Digitalization

The SurveyHow far along are German companies with the implementation of the digital transformation and what challenges do they encounter in the process? This was the topic of the survey on the status quo of digitalization that valantic conducted in cooperation with the Services and Consulting Department of the Hochschule Ludwigshafen am Rhein. Visitors were […]

Bild von Nike Steinhausen, Managing Consultant bei valantic CEC in Mannheim, im Hintergrund die Büroräume der valantic CEC Mannheim sowie die Stadt Mannheim
Between Employee and Customer Experience – the daily routine of a Managing Consultant

Career in IT – Nike Steinhausen is Managing Consultant at valantic and comes from the beautiful Chiemgau region. She tells us about her focal points in the SAP Customer Experience sector and why she feels so comfortable working at valantic.

Bild von Fabian Saccilotto, Head of Technology and Innovation bei valantic Schweiz
What you need to consider when selecting a B2B e-commerce system

Now is the best time to plan and implement an e-commerce solution for your company. Fabian Saccilotto, Head of Technology & Innovation at valantic CEC Schweiz, explains what companies need to consider and how they can best proceed.

Here you can see the cover of our blog post "Be Emotional". Celebrating people, empty stands and clapping hands.
Be emotional! Why emotions are so important in customer experience management

The secret of successful customer loyalty is to win the hearts of customers. How can emotions affect the measurable success of the company?

Bild zum Customer Focus Day SAP von valantic
Catalysts for a successful company

Companies want to update their individual SAP strategy, automate business processes, implement new digital business models, and make their IT flexible and more agile. The valantic Customer Focus Day SAP showed them how they can do these things successfully and what the catalysts are.

Bild von mehreren Menschen, die beratend um einen Laptop stehen, im Hintergrund ein Konferenzraum sowie die Nahaufnahme einer Computertastatur und eines unterschriebenen Vertrags
Case Study: User-Centered Quotes with SAP® CPQ: “Solution Quote at Bizerba – as unique as your fingerprint!”

Sales at Bizerba needed a tool to create complex quotations that unites all these dimensions in a single interface. At the same time, the company wanted to provide its customers with a clear quotation document for a custom-tailored solution at the touch of a button. This is where the idea for Solution Quotes came from.

Bild von Michael Bader, Managing Consultant bei valantic CEC Deutschland, im Hintergrund die Stadt Mannheim sowie das Büro von valantic CEC Deutschland
From On-Premise to the Cloud – How Projects are Developing

Michael Bader is Managing Consultant in the Mannheim location and has been with valantic CEC Deutschland since 2005. He tells us in the interview why a close customer relationship is important and what he's especially proud of.

Bild von Thomas Wieberneit, Managing Consultant bei valantic Customer Engagement & Commerce
“Systems will adjust to people, not the other way around”

Thomas Wieberneit is a CRM practitioner of many years. At valantic he is responsible for the topics sales, marketing, service, collaboration, customer loyalty and customer experience. In an interview, he reveals how he sees the future of digital customer experience and which trends companies should prepare for.

Image of Thomas Latajka, Managing Director at valantic ERP, office in Langenfeld, conference room, valantic website on a tablet computer
On the path to the customer-centered and intelligent company

The digital transformation in companies is progressing more and more. But the future belongs to customers and lies in the intelligence to provide them with the most perfect customer experience possible. With the customer at the center of attention, the path to the Intelligent Enterprise is thus marked out and indispensable. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be increasingly in demand.

Bild von Christoph Resch, Geschäftsführer bei valantic CEC Deutschland, daneben das Bild einer Frau am Laptop und einigen Notizzetteln
Customer experience comes first at the intelligent enterprise

The future belongs to the customers. After all, they are the ones who pay in the end and increase the turnover of a company. In order for this to happen, the buyer or prospective buyer must feel absolutely comfortable with the service and product in each of his buying cycles. How does a company manage to provide its customers with a perfect buying and repurchasing experience?

Bild von Glenn González, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) SAP Germany, Referent beim Customer Focus Day SAP von valantic
The mindset must precede the technology

One of the top speakers at valantic's Customer Focus Day SAP 2020 is the SAP Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - SAP Germany Glenn González. As here in this short interview he talks less about technology, but rather about the mindset that must precede the technology.

Image of Fabian Enger, Senior Technical Consultant at valantic Customer Engagement & Commerce in Munich
Why Senior Technical Consultants never stop learning

Fabian Egner, 34, tells us a little about his role as Senior Technical Consultant at valantic and why even experienced consultants never stop learning.

Bild einer lächelnden Frau, im Hintergrund Regale eines Baumarktes sowie die Nahaufnahme eines Tablet-Bildschirmes
On-site search as a central element of the customer experience

Even if e-commerce takes place online, it pays to look beyond the end of one's own nose. There are various concepts, behaviors, and simple experiences from everyday life from which you can learn in e-commerce. These include, for example, why the search in your own shop is such a central element of the customer experience.

Bild von Sabine Naumann, Solution Architect bei valantic CEC in Mannheim
What is SAP S/4HANA Customer Management and what distinguishes this solution?

SAP has a lot of Customer Relationship Management solutions in its portfolio. Very traditional SAP CRM on-premise or the cloud-based SAP C/4HANA. We will show you another alternative with SAP S/4HANA OP: Customer Management.

Image of Joachim Hackmann, Principal Consultant at teknowlogy|PAC, digital innovations, a data center in the background
Customer Experience in Mechanical Engineering: Faster Communication Give Companies a Competitive Advantage

Ever more mechanical engineering companies are focusing on first-class customer service. Automation and suitable platforms and software solutions should help to speed up the relevant processes in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Bild einer Laptop-Tastatur, einer Frau, die vor einem Whiteboard mit bunten Post-Its steht, sowie die Zeichnung einer Projektplanung, Bild zum Blogbeitrag für ein erfolgreiches Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
5 tips for making a CRM project successful

Many projects in Customer Relationship Management fail. This doesn’t have to happen: Here are 5 tips for how you can guarantee that your CRM project will be successful.

Bild von Tatjana Kilb, Business Analystin für SAP Customer Experience Solutions bei valantic CEC, im Hintergrund die Büroräume von valantic in Mannheim
Business Analyst for SAP Customer Experience Solutions – Insights from the Project and Working World at valantic

Tatjana Kilb decided to join valantic in October 2017 after a personal interview. In her role as Business Analyst, she provides insight into the SAP Customer Experience project world and she explains why everybody is working together at valantic.

Image of Prof. Dr. Martin Selchert, HLG Ludwigshafen, sales of the future, b2b
Sales of the Future: Prof. Dr. Martin Selchert about Digitalization in B2B Sales

We spoke with Prof. Dr. Martin Selchert about success strategies for digitalization in B2B sales and what companies can do now.

Image of Matthias Bös, Solution Architect for SAP C/4HANA at valantic Customer Engagement and Commerce, laptop keyboard, signature, conference room
Greater customer satisfaction with SAP CPQ: How guided selling increases efficiency in sales

In our rubric “5 questions for...” we spoke with Matthias Bös, Solution Architect at valantic in the customer experience sector, about SAP SPQ, guided selling, and efficiency in sales.

Image of a chessboard, a woman wearing a protective mask, hands being washed and a laptop
Agility in customer experience management – 6 tips for how you can confront the next crisis better with your customers

Companies are confronted with the challenge that customers are “locked out” due to corona crisis. Here are 6 tips that will help you on being successful nevertheless.

picture of a happy woman, next to it a picture of a thumbs up and behind it a picture of a sign saying "Come in we're open" and a picture of mountains, valantic blog article "Peak-End-Rule"
The Peak-End Rule or Why Customer Experience Should Never be Left to Chance with Customer Experience Management

When is the customer experience good, when bad? Does only the first impression matter or does the experience arise from the total of all positive and negative experiences that a customer has with a company? What influences our perception?

Picture of a woman shopping online with her smartphone, next to it a picture of a sign saying "Open" and behind it a picture of a smartphone and clothes, valantic mobile commerce
5 Tips for How You Can Close the Experience Gap

How good is your customer experience management? If your assessment doesn’t match the customer's experience, you’ve got an experience gap. We’ll give you some helpful tips for how you can close this gap.

Bild eines Handys, einer lachenden Frau, sowie einer Lagerhalle, valantic Customer Relationship Management
Why CRM is no longer enough today

With digitalization, the customer journey is being transformed, from analog to digital. What effects will this have on the customer relationships of tomorrow?

Image of a woman on a laptop, sticky notes and Christoph Resch, Managing Director at valantic Customer Engagement and Commerce Germany
5 questions for… Christoph Resch, Partner at valantic in the customer experience sector

The customer experience should be the focus of all business processes. We spoke with Christoph Resch, Partner and Managing Director at valantic in the customer experience sector, about the change in B2B business, measurable KPIs, and the point at which customer experience should not end.

Image of a laptop, hands drawing a sketch and Artur Richter, Design Director at valantic Customer Experience & Commerce
5 questions for… Artur Richter, Design Director at valantic CEC Deutschland and responsible for the User Experience area

Artur Richter, Design Director at valantic CEC, in an interview about happy customers, user experience design, and the customer life cycle.

Image of a tablet pc, the valantic company logo, the NEXUS UNITED company logo and Tim Wedler, Managing Director of the NEXUS Netsoft group, interview with Tim Wedler
5 questions for… Tim Wedler, Managing Director of the NEXUS Netsoft Group

Find out more about the motivation and the goals of the merger with valantic in the interview with Tim Wedler, Managing Director of the NEXUS Netsoft Group.

Picture of wine bottles in a wine rack, a mobile phone on which an online shop is displayed and two people in a consultation, valantic Customer Experience (CX)
News@SAP Customer Experience

In Orlando, SAP announced that with the introduction of the SAP C/4HANA Suite, it will revolutionize CRM. CRM will become CX (Customer Experience) and the focus will be more clearly on the customer.

Picture of a woman shopping online with her smartphone, next to it a picture of a sign saying "Open" and behind it a picture of a smartphone and clothes, valantic mobile commerce
coop@home wins Digital Commerce Award

coop@home best onlineshop in the category “Omni-channel and innovation”.

Image of a laptop showing the SFS-website, valantic Case Study SFS
The new SFS online Shop

Everything for the customer's benefit: The new B2B platform is designed according to the behavior and needs of SFS customers – from the shopping cart to delivery or pick-up.

Picture of Christian Heim, valantic GmbH, presenting Digitalization in Companies, valantic B2B Next Generation
Impressions of valantic «B2B Next Generation»

More than 30 decision-makers and influencers from a wide variety of industries met in Zurich in order to learn more about digitalization in B2B sector and exchange ideas with one another.