Why Senior Technical Consultants never stop learning

Image of Fabian Enger, Senior Technical Consultant at valantic Customer Engagement & Commerce in Munich

Fabian Egner is Senior Technical Consultant in Munich and has accompanied valantic CEC Deutschland GmbH since 2011.

Hello Fabian, please tell us what you do at valantic.

Sure, I’ve been a consultant at valantic for 9 years. I started as Junior Technical Consultant SAP and have worked my way up to Senior Technical Consultant SAP Customer Experience(SAP CX) (former SAP C/4HANA) over the years.

First, I was involved with SAP CRM on-premise, then I started working with SAP Customer Experience Solutions in 2014. Here, my tasks include all customer-specific add-ons in SAP Customer Experience Solutions that reach beyond the standard. These are developments that help address our customers’ individual requirements of SAP Customer Experience Solutions. I am also an integration specialist responsible for all topics relating to integration.

What does one of your projects actually look like? What kinds of questions does the customer have for you?

In my last project for an international customer in the beverage industry, I was responsible for the “integrations” sub-project in my role as Technical Consultant. Therefore, a typical task is to make the customer data that was previously stored in another system available in the SAP CRM system. So that there can be a data exchange between the two systems, I connect the CRM system to the external system.

For the specific project, the data was supposed to be transferred unidirectionally to the SAP Customer Experience Solutions system. The challenge was that the customer’s own system had an interface that is based on an Amazon Web Service technology. However, since my customer had previously worked with an external service provider with regard to this technology, close coordination was enormously important to ensure the smooth functioning of the integration.

How large was the project team and precisely what was your role on it?

The team consisted of four consultants and two people from the customer side. Since for particular topics there was also another service provider, at times we were a team of 8 people. For this project, I was primarily the implementation specialist for integration.

What was your personal challenge on this project?

Definitely learning about the new Amazon Web Service topic; previously I had no experience with it. The integration was not so easy here. In the end, we found an appropriate adapter for the Iflow, which can be implemented in the SAP CPI (Cloud Platform).

Then there was also the time factor. Due to the great effort required for cooperation between all participants – the customer, service provider, and the valantic project team – some sprints could not be completed on time. Finally, we got everything finished and we did it within the planned time.

What are you especially proud of?

I’m especially proud that we were able to successfully complete the project on-time despite initial difficulties and the great coordination effort required. We worked well together and were able to learn something in the process. Actually, you never stop learning at valantic. It’s really a great feeling when the customer is satisfied and you have achieved something all together, as a team.

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