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Felicia Köhnen

September 15, 2022

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Reduce What You Can, Offset What You Can’t“

What is and what is the organization’s mission. is taking a leading role in the fight against climate change, making it easy and affordable for every individual, business and organization to offset their impact on the climate and accelerate the transition to a clean energy future. In addition to reducing carbon,’s goal is to educate about climate change. In doing so, the organization focuses on encouraging everyone to reduce their own carbon footprint through meaningful energy savings combined with cost-effective carbon offsets. supports renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects worldwide that reduce carbon emissions and the impact of climate change.’s partners are nonprofit and private, large and small organizations that share a common goal of combating climate change by supporting renewable energy, forestry, and energy efficiency projects to be part of the solution for clean energy and a low-carbon future. 

Deforestation is responsible for 20% of global carbon emissions. Through reforestation projects, CO2 emissions from the air are sequestered in trees and soils by preserving forests, benefiting wildlife and others.  

Energy efficiency projects reduce energy consumption and offer the most cost-effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions. 

The increased use of wind, solar, hydropower, as well as methane reduction in projects around renewable energy – also reduces CO2 emissions and promotes investment in clean technologies. This contributes to the creation of a low-carbon economy of tomorrow. 

Our commitment to the environment: 

Just as it is our job to drive digitization in companies, it is also our corporate responsibility to reduce the ecological footprint we leave in the world: valantic Digital Marketing & CRM GmbH strives to become a Net Zero company. Our commitment to the environment already consists of keeping our business travel to a minimum and always choosing carbon-friendly travel options. We also use renewable energy in the form of solar power through a photovoltaic system on our office building.  

As a two-year partner of, we support the reforestation project. For us, the focus is on reforestation, i.e., the planting of trees. In this way, we pursue the goal of reviving forests that have disappeared due to deforestation or storm damage. With the help of this project and our collaboration with, we have managed to reduce more than 250 tons of CO2 emissions in the last two years.

On our journey to becoming a Net Zero company, it is not only important to reduce our own impact on the climate, but also to support projects that promote solutions to global warming and help us maintain cleaner air and energy. I believe that by supporting in reforestation and forest conservation, we are taking a big step towards Net-Zero!“

Nils Weber, Managing Director at valantic Digital Marketing & CRM GmbH
Portrait of Nils Weber, Managing Director, valantic CX, valantic Digital Marketing CRM GmbH

Overall, we can only recommend the organization to all companies that want to take a further step towards sustainability. is happy to welcome further supporters.

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