Account-based Selling: The Basics of Cold Calling

Fabian Littau

August 16, 2022

Account Based Selling: Basics der Kaltakquise

Is the classic cold call already past its prime?!

Perhaps an anti-aging treatment makes sense – one aimed at modern account-based selling

How is your company doing? What type of sales do you prefer? Do you follow the classic cold-calling approach, where you phone people on lists and present your products and services?

In general, calling the classic cold past its prime would be a big mistake! Many companies in German-speaking Europe in particular prefer to be courted personally and also place great importance on a personal approach. However, this process is not very efficient; it soaks up resources and the conversion rate is very low.

valantic CX Mannheim: eine Gruppe Kolleg*innen sitzen bei einem Meeting, ein Mann greift  nach einem Post-It

Imagine that you are shopping for a new outfit, and you are searching every shop in your city. It can take some time until you find the right product in the desired color and size, and, of course, it can also cost you some nerves. With regard to the topic of cold calling, it is often necessary to search for a long time and to invest a great deal of time until you have found a suitable customer who is interested in your product or service.

Back to my example, looking for a new outfit: If you were to find out in advance exactly where you could buy the product you wanted in the right color and size, you would save yourself precious time and nerves – and here I speak from experience. The situation is similar for account-based selling and account-based marketing.

With these techniques, you can get to know the target group precisely in advance, their preferences and interests, before you call. To this end, a team of sales employees is sensitized to the desired customer group. They now know the current needs and problems of these specific customers. One example would be the acute supply bottlenecks in the construction sector. With precise preparation, you can quickly establish a level playing field for a conversation, the exchange can be lively, and you can inspire your future customers.

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Let’s get started! Start with valantic and surf the wave of sales success. In a discovery workshop custom-tailored to your needs, we will develop your success strategy for customer-oriented sales. To this end, we will analyze your products and services, define the appropriate target groups, and make your sales department fit for greater success. And all this given the varied and modern digital possibilities.

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