Shared Values: Uwe Tüben Joins CX Division’s Management Team

Uwe Tüben Joins the valantic CX Division as Managing Director and Partner

“We have ambitious goals”

Uwe Tüben Joins the valantic CX Division as Managing Director and Partner

Uwe Tüben has enhanced the valantic CX division’s management team. The successful manager and growth expert brings more than 20 years of experience in the fields of customer experience and digital experience consulting. Directly before joining valantic, Uwe spent many years as managing director at the international digital agency Valtech. We asked him five questions.

Hello Uwe and welcome to the valantic family! You are now supporting the valantic CX division in your new role as managing director and partner. What motivated you to take this step?

I was particularly impressed by the corporate culture and values that are lived out at valantic. Everything centers on a one-firm philosophy based on synergies, a holistic portfolio and shared values. At the same time, they place huge emphasis on entrepreneurial principles and individuality. The management level is always in touch with the customer projects and closely involved in operations. For me, this combination of company size, end-2-end expertise and personal proximity to the customer is a truly unique selling proposition.

Does anything else distinguish valantic from other IT service providers?

Helping customers holistically in their digital transformation requires very broad knowledge and extensive project experience. Not only must you understand the user and consumer perspectives, but also the business models and processes involved. For many digital service providers who talk about end-2-end, however, process integration into the ERP backend is a red line they don’t want to cross. valantic is not afraid of this holistic approach.

What are the advantages of this holistic approach?

In my experience, business customers are increasingly seeking a strong partner to manage complex digitalization projects who understand the issues end-2-end and can therefore provide reliable cross-departmental support. Demand for a holistic approach of this kind is continuously growing. As such, we’re one of the few providers in the market already systematically aligned to these holistic customer requirements.

What will you be focusing on in the coming months?

We’ve got ambitious goals. Together with my colleagues in the CX division, I’ll be working on further boosting valantic’s already booming growth. In doing so, we want to further leverage synergies between individual business units and further sharpen our positioning as an end-2-end partner for digital experience. I’m very excited about tackling these challenges together with our international team in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.

What inspires you personally, most of all?

New technologies fascinate me and I want to be involved in ensuring they offer people true added value in their respective ecosystems, whether privately or professionally. Striving for this vision, day in, day out, with the best minds, really inspires me. My impression of valantic thus far is that it offers exactly the right conditions for me to be able to say one day: This is the best company I have ever worked for.

Thank you very much for these insights, Uwe! We wish you a very successful start at valantic.

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