Technology upgrades as a business opportunity

Vanessa Ohl

July 6, 2022

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The struggle is real: The digitalization of the market is advancing rapidly, and companies are forced to keep up with the pace of technological progress. Will digital transformation ever end? We doubt it!

That’s why we at valantic offer professional consulting in the field of customer experience. Find out how our experts can support you and why digital transformation is a major business opportunity!

Does the digital transformation ever end?

We want to get to the bottom of this question. To do this, we need to clarify what digital transformation actually is. But also what opportunities and possibilities new technologies offer for your business – and what role valantic plays on the path to the future of digital sales. 

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What is digital transformation?

Transformation is the reshaping of something, and that means change. When we speak of digital transformation, we mean the ongoing changes that digitalization brings. This process was and is initiated by ever newer and better digital technologies, which are replacing each other at an ever faster pace.

Digital transformation is accompanied by profound changes – in society as well as in business. Both members of society and companies are under pressure to constantly adapt to this change. The only alternative: losing touch with the digital world.

What does digital transformation entail for companies?

On the one hand, companies have to keep pace with digitalization and its technological innovations. On the other hand, it is the end customers whose expectations must be met. And these are also changing in the course of digital transformation: Digital solutions need to become increasingly user-friendly in order to create perfect customer experiences and keep customers happy and satisfied. Is this a big challenge? We’d rather call it a huge opportunity for your business!

Our hypothesis: Digital transformation never ends …

… because it is an ongoing process! The good news: It offers a multitude of opportunities through which your company can grow, develop, and celebrate ever new successes. Numerous new types of business fields and models are emerging – and with them undreamed-of potential for success, especially in the area of e-commerce.

You can find out more about the future of digital sales and its possibilities in the next few paragraphs – and by listening to our Digital.Now podcast.

Digital sales, what’s that?

Perhaps the topic of online stores spontaneously comes to mind. If so, you’re spot on: It’s about e-commerce. At valantic, however, we think of the term in a broader context. At the core of our thinking is the question: What tools can we give our clients to support them as best as possible in digital sales?

Automation and consulting – a digital dream team!

One thing up front: In the B2B sector, in particular, consulting will play a central role in digital sales in the future. We know from experience that end customers have high expectations, especially with regard to the speed of an online store. Together, we not only want to meet these and other expectations but exceed them.

The experienced CX experts at valantic will equip you with the right digital tools and help you to speed up your sales processes. Our belief: Automation and personal consulting should go hand in hand. The focus is on you as a user and, of course, on your end customers and their customer experience.

We …

  • take over the coordination of all measures.
  • support you as a user with technical and digital know-how and introduce you to the respective systems.
  • offer training and reviews.
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Our approach – based on your needs

Every company has different requirements. We take the time to examine them individually and tailor all technical measures to your specific needs. This is done in four phases:

1. Understand the company’s goal

  • What is the company’s strategy?
  • What are its developmental goals?
  • How can digital transformation support these goals?

2. Get to know the company

  • How do people work at this company?
  • What are its divisions and departments?
  • How does internal collaboration work there?
  • What technologies are currently in use?

3. Create solutions

  • What can the path to achieving the company’s goals look like?
  • How can we support the people involved?

In this phase, the valantic team creates an individual solution. We work in an agile manner and always with a clear objective in mind: to help users adopt the new technologies as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

4. Seize business opportunities – promote growth

  • scaling growth
  • international rollouts
  • harmonization of deployed systems
  • functional enhancements

How you can benefit from a technology upgrade by valantic

We at valantic are specialists in digital transformation in companies. Our clients benefit from this in several ways – for the following reasons:

We’ll meet you where you’re at

We’ll work with the people in your company who are directly affected by the changes. Because digital transformation can only be accomplished through successful change management. And only by meeting users where they are at – directly at the site of their problems and requirements – can we create acceptance among them.

Our credo: Technology is important to us, but people are more important.

We recognize business potential

We know from our in-depth experience: The use of new technologies and systems always goes hand in hand with economic efficiency. Achieving more with less – that’s the secret sauce. It’s why we focus on economically promising projects and carefully select the appropriate tools.

The result: Sales can concentrate fully on the end customer. The technology takes care of the rest. A recipe for success that optimally exploits potential and helps you seize business opportunities!

We create a holistic user experience

Together with you, we help your customers enjoy unique digital experiences. Of course, this can only be achieved if your employees are optimally trained in the use of the systems they use. With valantic, a holistic user experience is guaranteed.

Want to hear some success stories? Learn about our most striking client projects now!

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Digitalization has fully arrived in society and the economy – at least in theory. In practice, however, things look different in many cases. Especially in the B2B sector, many companies are still lagging behind. We see it as our task to change that.

With the help of the valantic team, your company will succeed in the digital transformation. Through professional consulting and a strategy in line with your individual goals and requirements, we grab business opportunities by the scruff of the neck!

Get the ball rolling towards promising change!

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