Between Employee and Customer Experience – the daily routine of a Managing Consultant

Bild von Nike Steinhausen, Managing Consultant bei valantic CEC in Mannheim, im Hintergrund die Büroräume der valantic CEC Mannheim sowie die Stadt Mannheim

Nike Steinhausen, 34, comes from the beautiful Chiemgau region and has been part of the valanticworld since 2012. As Managing Consultant, she reports about her start at the company, the topics on which she focuses in SAP Customer Experience, her daily routine, and why she feels so comfortable working at valantic.

How was your start at valantic?

I felt very comfortable from the very beginning. With regard to my start in 2012, I have especially positive memories of the introductory program for new team members. Right at the start, I received a lot of information about the company and its internal processes and tools.

The beginning of my on-the-job training was also an exciting time for me. My team integrated me quickly into the ongoing SAP CRM projects, so that I acquired a lot of knowledge within a very short time. Similarly, I was in contact with our customers from the very beginning; and this is still a very important component of my work. In case of questions, my team and my mentor were standing by to help me.

What do you especially like about valantic?

At valantic, I especially appreciate the team and communication culture. We are all working together and we treat one another with respect. For me, the basis of our cooperation is that we communicate constructively with one another. We talk about our ideas and thoughts about all topics openly, and all opinions are respected in the process. In short: everyone feels comfortable.

What are the challenges of your job?

The greatest challenge for me is to play all roles optimally according to my own performance expectations. For as a team manager, it’s especially important to me to consider my team members’ interests and to encourage their development, on both the professional and personal levels. At the same time, our SAP projects are becoming more complex, technology is moving faster, and customers’ expectations are increasing. We have to survey the technological requirements correctly, qualify them, and check to see whether they can be implemented within the SAP environment. This is where I believe that transparent customer communication is essential.

What do you do as Managing Consultant who focuses on SAP Customer Experience Solutions (former SAP C/4HANA)?

My tasks as Managing Consultant are many and varied since I am playing several roles simultaneously, covering the fields of employee and customer experience.

As a team, we implement our customers’ SAP Customer Experience projects. As a project manager, I’m the direct contact for the customer, I handle the budget planning and coordinate the team. My personal focal point as Senior Consultant is the technical implementation. Among other things, this includes making adjustments within the SAP Sales Cloud and integration with other SAP systems via the SAP Cloud platform. In addition, I conduct workshops, train key users, and formulate concepts for new process environments for our customers. As a team manger, of course I also perform planning tasks and ensure that the internal work processes run smoothly.

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