With (Gen)AI Discovery to a Tailored AI Roadmap

Sarina Hermann

February 21, 2024

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Artificial intelligence is the talk of the town and currently one of the most crucial key technologies. Leading companies are already using AI today to reshape customer experience and business processes – achieving revenue growth, cost savings, and strategic competitive advantages.

However, initial touchpoints with the topic bring up many questions:

  • Can AI help us achieve our company goals?
  • What steps are necessary to develop an AI strategy?
  • Which use cases are truly relevant for our company?
  • What skills do we need for successful implementation?
  • What guidelines are relevant when introducing AI?

There is currently a mass of information on AI. But how do you go from all the high-level talk to a truly actionable AI roadmap and ensure that investments in AI projects actually bring the desired success?

We explain to you, without technical jargon, how you can arrive at a tailored AI roadmap in 5 pragmatic steps with the active support of our experts in just a few weeks, which can actually be implemented.

GenAI Discovery Steps

1. Strategic framework as a foundation

Everything starts with a solid foundation. In the first step, we establish the strategic framework for the use of AI in your company together with you. We consider short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals and define guardrails that serve as the basis for all further steps. We focus on all critical levels of your company: business, customer experience, organization, and technology. This ensures that the AI strategy not only fits your company but also leads it into the desired future.

2. AI-Guidelines as direction signs

AI should not be a self-runner. For this reason, in the second step, we develop guidelines that make the use of AI in your company safe and effective. We take into account all relevant aspects such as compliance, data protection, and IT security. This creates a clear framework for action for all participants.

3. Targed-oriented use cases as drivers of success

What’s the use of the best technology if it’s not used in a targeted way? In the third workshop, we identify use cases together with you that really make a difference. We focus on the critical processes of your company and assess how (Gen)AI can create added value here. The result is a collection of use cases that advance your company.

4. Technology and data as a basis

AI = Magic? Not quite, because without the right technological infrastructure and data quality, AI remains an empty promise. That’s why, in the fourth step, we take a close look at your system landscape. We assess how well your IT infrastructure and data flows are prepared for the use of AI and thus lay the foundation for successful implementation.

5. Prioritization as the key to success

Not every use case is equally important or equally easy to implement. In the fifth step, we evaluate and prioritize the identified use cases. We consider the expected business value and feasibility to develop a clear roadmap for the introduction of AI in your company.
Your Path to the Future

With (Gen)AI Discovery, you receive a tailored AI roadmap that future-proofs your company. You benefit from our expertise and a structured approach that ensures your investments in AI bring the greatest possible benefit.

Frau, die eine Präsentation hält.

Are you ready to actively shape the future of your company?

Then contact us today to learn more about (Gen)AI Discovery and take the first step towards a future-proof AI strategy.

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