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Impressions of valantic «B2B Next Generation»

Picture of Christian Heim, valantic GmbH, presenting Digitalization in Companies, valantic B2B Next Generation
Barbara Benninger
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More than 30 decision-makers and influencers from a wide variety of industries, such as pharma, finance, sanitary engineering technology, animal food, and the steel trade met in Zurich in order to learn more about digitalization in B2B sector and exchange ideas with one another during valantic’s “B2B Next Generation” event.

These were the three speakers:

Picture of Christian Heim, valantic GmbH, presenting Digitalization in Companies, valantic B2B Next Generation

«The digital danger comes from the blind spot»

Christian Heim, valantic

The founder of the digital consulting company movento (now valantic) explained why it is so important that IT and business grow together and what makes an excellent customer experience. And why, starting in 2020, we will have to be prepared for digitalization, like it or not.

Picture of Boris Lokschin, Spryker Systems GmbH presenting The 5 Secrets of successful E-Commerce, valantic B2B Next Generation
Impressions from valantic’s “B2B Next generation” event in Zurich: The 5 secrets of successful e-commerce, Boris Lokschin, Spryker Systems GmbH

«5 secrets for successful e-commerce in B2B»

Boris Lokschin | Spryker

Boris Lokschin has supported numerous e-commerce projects and knows just how important the platform selection is. The founder and connector of the commerce operating system Spryker not only showed off the Spryker operating system at this event, he also revealed the 5 secrets for a successful e-commerce strategy.

Picture of Stephan Sigrist, WIRE, presenting The Future of Digitalization, valantic B2B Next Generation
The Future of Digitalization, Stephan Sigrist, WIRE

«Back to humans – no innovation without people»

Stephan Sigrist | Think Tank W.I.R.E.

The founder and manager of the Think Tank W.I.R.E.has been analyzing developments in business, science, and society for many years. From him, participants learned how far digitalization has really come. And why innovation should be oriented according to the needs of people, not of technology.


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