Personalization vs. Data Protection

Daniel Tiatco

August 12, 2022

valantic CX: Triad image for blogpost Personalization vs. Privacy

Just like in high school chemistry class: Find the right mixing ratio, otherwise things will explode quickly!

How much personalization is possible in our complex data protection world? With valantic as your partner, we bring these two concepts into line without conflict – and without explosions – we promise.

Foto von einem jungen Mann mit Brille, der an seinem Laptop sitzt und zu einem Kollegen nach vorne sieht.

Now let’s move from chemistry class to reality. Today, customer experience plays a key role, as does the building block of personalization. This means addressing customers personally and at the right time, making personalized product suggestions, and only providing relevant information. All of these are critical to successfully creating and implementing customer experience.

Now let’s go back to chemistry class and imagine how our chemistry teacher entered the room at the time. The students’ mood darkened when it turned out that the Bunsen burners didn’t work again. Similarly, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) frequently thwarts many companies. No chemistry lessons without Bunsen burners, no lasting and successful customer experience without personalization. Companies are faced with the challenge of developing appropriate personalization strategies that are compatible with the GDPR.

Are you trying to reconcile these two aspects?

Perhaps our checklist can help:

  • Are you looking for personalization across all touchpoints in your customer journey?
  • Can your customers clearly influence the use of their data?
  • Do your CX solutions access the same data source or are you working with data silos?
  • Are you already complying with all the guidelines of the GDPR?
  • Are your CX solutions aligned, or do they operate independently of one another?

Many of our customers are already aware of this topic and together we have been able to develop a suitable strategy through comprehensive consulting, a strategy that created a direct competitive advantage. At valantic, our focus is on bringing business, technology, and experience into harmony.

Drei Kollegen - eine Frau und zwei Männer - die an einer Präsentation arbeiten.

We offer technology and experience from a single source, with a focus on end-to-end consulting – from idea to process, from process to solution. According to our motto “the focus is on the customer,” we offer a reliable, varied, and custom-tailored product portfolio. As an SAP Gold Partner and SAP Cloud Focus Partner, valantic is a leading provider in the field of customer experience; we have been creating unique customer experiences for more than 25 years.

You don’t want to wait any longer, you’d like to get started right away?

Our expert Daniel Tiatco is an SAP consultant in the field of customer experience and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. In a discovery workshop tailored to your needs, we will work with you to develop your success strategy for the perfect match between personalization and data protection. And all this given the diverse and modern digital possibilities.

Got any questions? You’re welcome to contact the CX experts at valantic!

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