Coffee and customers: how Salesforce is brewing the future of CRM

Miek Vanwezemael

June 17, 2024

Happy young woman drinking a cup of tea or coffee in an autumn morning.

Imagine stepping into the shoes of a customer a decade from now. You’re interacting with a company that seems to read your mind, anticipate your needs, and offer solutions before you even realize you need them. This isn’t a fantasy; it’s the Salesforce-powered business of tomorrow. But what does this future look like, and how will it revolutionize customer engagement?

A day in the life with AI

It’s 2033, and you’re a regular at ‘Café Futura’, a coffee shop chain that’s embraced Salesforce’s AI to an extraordinary degree. As you walk in, the staff greets you by name. Your favorite order is already being prepared, based on the weather, your schedule, and even your current mood … all thanks to predictive analytics that anticipated your arrival. But how does Salesforce AI evolve to become your silent barista, your unseen chef? Could the future of CRM predict your cravings before you do?

At ‘Café Futura’, hyper-personalization is the norm. Salesforce’s evolved Customer 360 gives the café such a detailed understanding of its patrons that it can craft experiences tailored to the individual. Imagine receiving a notification for a new coffee blend that suits your taste profile or a loyalty reward that’s exactly what you’ve been wanting. Isn’t this the kind of personal touch that turns a simple café into your café? Finally, personalization that feels personal.

An ecosystem that serves up more than coffee

The Salesforce ecosystem has grown, and ‘Café Futura’ leverages it to the fullest. From IoT-enabled espresso machines that alert when maintenance is needed, to a unified platform that tracks both in-store and online purchases, Salesforce is the central hub of their business.

Imagine ‘Café Futura’ offering virtual coffee tastings or AR-enabled cake decorating classes. Salesforce’s integration of VR and AR transforms customer engagement, making every digital interaction an immersive experience. Could the future of customer service be a world where digital is as satisfying as the real thing?

Uku Tomikas, CEO of Messente, a business messaging company, offers insight into this evolving landscape.
“The future of CRM isn’t just about predicting needs; it’s about fostering genuine connections at scale. Businesses that can balance cutting-edge technology with a human touch will lead the way in customer engagement.”

In this future, ‘Café Futura’ doesn’t need a team of developers to innovate. With Salesforce’s advanced low-code/no-code platforms, the café’s staff creates custom apps like ‘Brew Your Own’, which lets customers design their coffee blends from their phones. What if creating an app was as simple as brewing a pot of coffee?

Brewing trust with ethical AI Governance

In the world of ‘Café Futura’, the use of AI isn’t just about efficiency and personalization; it’s also about trust. As AI becomes more integral to business operations, ethical considerations take center stage. How can businesses ensure that their use of AI aligns with the highest ethical standards? How can they build and maintain trust in a world increasingly driven by algorithms?

Enter Salesforce’s Ethical AI Governance feature. This tool oversees AI decisions, ensuring fairness, transparency, and accountability. It’s like a barista who not only knows how to make the perfect cup of coffee but also understands the importance of sourcing beans ethically, treating each customer fairly, and maintaining transparency about the process.

For ‘Café Futura’, this means using AI to enhance the customer experience while respecting privacy, avoiding bias, and ensuring data security. It means being open about how customer data is used and giving customers control over their information. It’s about using AI to build stronger, more trusting relationships with customers.

Imagine walking into ‘Café Futura’ knowing that your data is safe, your privacy respected, and your preferences understood. Imagine knowing that the AI that predicts your favorite coffee blend does so ethically and transparently. This is the future of CRM – a future where technology serves not just the business, but also the values it stands for.

In the future, will our CRM not only be smart but also conscientious? Will it brew not just coffee, but also trust? As we step into the future with Salesforce, these are the questions that will shape the way we do business.

The future brews today

The Salesforce of the future is a platform that’s as much a part of ‘Café Futura’ as the coffee beans themselves. It’s a platform that knows the customer, serves the business, and creates experiences that are both personal and profound. This is not a distant dream; it’s the Salesforce that’s brewing right now. Are you ready to be a part of this blend?

As we look to the next decade, Salesforce is poised to redefine the essence of CRM. Those who embrace this transformation will not just manage customer relationships; they will cultivate them. So, are you ready to step into the future with Salesforce and create a business that knows no bounds?

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Salesforce is what a CRM system has to measure up to because, with its cloud-based platform, it offers everything it takes for managing customer relationships in organizations today and tomorrow.

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