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Heavenly duo for cloud-based CRM solutions

Salesforce & valantic

Salesforce is what a CRM system has to measure up to because, with its cloud-based platform, it offers everything it takes for managing customer relationships in organizations today and tomorrow. To centrally orchestrate all business relationships across all departments and to be able to conceptually improve the entire process from within the current business: That’s what Salesforce helps you with. Ensuring the smooth integration of your new Salesforce CRM or optimizing your existing Salesforce system through a deep examination of your requirements for this powerful system: That’s what valantic does.

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Nothing’s impossible Salesforce means

As a leading provider of cloud computing applications, Salesforce offers a range of outstanding solutions for organizations of all sizes and in all industries. With Salesforce, you can work across departments to create a seamless user experience across all channels and touchpoints. With the goal of gathering the most comprehensive customer information possible, customers and their diverse needs and relationships are placed at the center of all solutions.

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Pocket-sized innovation! Salesforce revolutionized the industry

As the earliest mobile-first CRM, everything is always at your fingertips – whether you are a sales employee or a high-level manager in a specialist team. In theory, this means that business relationships can also be managed from a pedal boat with full system support.

... and the revolution continues!

Salesforce Trailhead

Autonomous learning for autonomous success

Salesforce wouldn’t be the successful company it is if it didn’t offer a broad set of services around its products that allow for optimal customized interaction by users. That’s why Salesforce Trailhead exists. Trailhead offers a wide range of resources, some of which are playful and some of which are straightforward and seamless. This ensures that holistic learning via the platform is combined with the fun of learning. Whenever Salesforce is used in companies, Trailhead can help make onboarding easier for new employees. It saves money! And if you really enjoy it, you can soon control the Salesforce organization in the company yourself, for example as an admin. As a result, important, scarce and therefore expensive IT resources can be saved by in-sourcing knowledge as well as low complexity in the modification of the system.

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  • Salesforce is more!
  • Salesforce is more!
  • Salesforce is more!
  • Salesforce is more!

valantic as a guide in the Salesforce universe

We present:
the clouds!

Salesforce also has the right answers to specific challenges. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go through them alone, because we’re familiar with them all. Whether it’s consulting or implementation – we keep track of everything Salesforce has to offer.

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